What is comparable to a John Deere Gator?

  1. We hope this guide helped you see that when it comes to John Deere Gator vs. competition, Kubota is the clear winner.
  2. The Kubota X-series offers comfort, convenience, and power, all for a great price.
  3. This well-engineered, reliable utility vehicle will fulfill all your hauling and towing needs.

Subsequently, How fast does a John Deere Gator go? Delivers quick acceleration and provides a top speed of more than 77 km/h (48 mph) The GatorTM XUV590E and XUV590M Crossover Series Utility Vehicle is powered by a 586-cc (35.8-cu in.), inline twin-cylinder, electronic fuel-injected (EFI) gasoline engine.

Which is better mule or Gator? After asking around the Gator is slow, very durable and the green color adds to the price. The Mule came highly recommended as it is a little smoother and faster than the Gator. Some recommended the Polaris as it will run a lot faster and is smoother than the Mule but we don’t need fast.

Yet, Which is better Gator or Kubota? The Gator provides 36.9 ft/lbs of torque. The Kubota works much harder, delivering 51.4 ft/lbs. The Gator has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with clutch enclosure. The Kubota features an advanced Variable Hydro-VHT Plus transmission.

Which is better Gator or ranger? The Ranger is by far a much better machine. It is much smoother riding and I know the Gator was just a 620 but the Ranger seems to have twice the power.

How much weight can a Gator pull?

With up to 1,500-lb of payload capacity and up to 4,000-lb of towing capacity, the Full Size Series makes pickup trucks blush.

What brand of engine is in a John Deere Gator?

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION Like Joyner, John Deere has selected an engine manufactured by Chery International of China. The 812cc inline triple cylinder engine was originally manufactured for use in Chery automobiles, small Chinese-built cars to be exact, and it does have a good track record for “on-road” use.

Where is John Deere Gator made?

Although Deere manufactured at other locations in the past, the utility vehicles are now exclusively designed and built in Horicon, Wisconsin.

What is the best UTV for the money?

Best Cheap UTV Models Under $10,000

  1. Cub Cadet Challenger 400LX. Image courtesy of Cub Cadet. …
  2. 2020 Kawasaki Mule SX™ 4×4 XC FI. Image courtesy of Kawasaki. …
  3. 2021 Honda Pioneer 500. Image courtesy of Honda. …
  4. 2021 Kawasaki MULE SX™ 4×4 XC FI. …
  5. 2021 CF Moto ZForce 500 Trail. …
  6. 2021 Massimo T-Boss 550X GOLF. …
  7. Polaris Ranger 500.

What is the most dependable side by side?

The Most Reliable UTVs of 2021

  • Honda Pioneer 1000. Honda may not make the most cutting edge vehicles when it comes to power and performance, but nobody can best them when it comes to quality. …
  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. …
  • Yamaha RMAX2 1000. …
  • Honda Talon 1000. …
  • Polaris RZR PRO XP.

What is the top selling UTV?

Here are UTV Driver’s picks for the top utility UTVs of 2022.

The Best 2022 Utility UTV Side-by-Sides

  • 2022 Can-Am Defender HD10. …
  • 2022 Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX Diesel. …
  • 2022 Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe. …
  • 2022 John Deere Gator XUV835R.

What is the best 4×4 side by side?

Top 10 Utility Side-By-Sides Of 2021

  • #6 POLARIS RANGER 500. …
  • #5 CAN-AM DEFENDER MAX X mr. …

What is a 2007 John Deere Gator worth?

The base price of the 2007 John Deere Gator XUV 4×4 620i ATV is $9499.

What is a 1996 John Deere Gator worth?

1996 John Deere 6×4 Gator has sold in Harrisonville, Missouri for $3630.

How much is a 2005 Gator worth?

The base price of the 2005 John Deere Gator Compact CS ATV is $3999. This is $2613.64 less expensive than its competition.

How much weight can a gator pull?

With up to 1,500-lb of payload capacity and up to 4,000-lb of towing capacity, the Full Size Series makes pickup trucks blush.

What engine is in the John Deere Gator?

The Gator vehicles use small but powerful 341 cc (0.341 L) four-stroke engines found in lawn mowers, or an optional diesel engine that is also found in some Deere mowers and utility tractors.

How much is a 2012 John Deere Gator worth?

The average price of a 2012 John Deere Gator XUV 550 ATV for sale is $5649.67.

How much weight can a John Deere Gator pull?

Gator XUV Features With up to 1,500-lb of payload capacity and up to 4,000-lb of towing capacity, the Full Size Series makes pickup trucks blush.

How many gallons of gas does a gator hold?

Key Specs

Engine power 10.1 kW 13.5 hp
Rear suspension Two high-floatation, low pressure tires (solid axles)
Final drive Fully enclosed; oil bath
Four wheel drive No
Fuel capacity 18.9 L 5 U.S. gal .

How much is a John Deere Gator 4X4?

Base pricing starts at $14,699 and climbs to $27,399 with diesel power.

What is a 2005 John Deere Gator HPX worth?

The base price of the 2005 John Deere Gator HPX HPX ATV is $8399.

How wide is a John Deere Gator 4X2?

Dimensions / Capacities

Wheelbase 1770 mm 69.7 in.
Width 1525 mm 60 in .
Height 1108 mm 43.6 in.
Tread centers Front: 1270 mm 50 in. Rear: 1220 mm 48 in.
Ground clearance Transaxle: 152 mm 6 in. Foot platform: 249 mm 9.8 in.

Who makes the John Deere Gator engine?

It’s powered by a 50-horsepower, three-cylinder automobile engine, manufactured by Chery, the Chinese automaker that, for years, has been trying to find a way to bring its own vehicles to the U.S. market.


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