What does it mean to call someone a troglodyte?


1 : a member of any of various peoples (as in antiquity) who lived or were reputed to live chiefly in caves. 2 : a person characterized by reclusive habits or outmoded or reactionary attitudes.

The caves were first excavated to harvest the tuffeau limestome, which was formed over 90 million years ago when the Loire Valley formed the floor of a great ocean. Many of the troglodytes are still in use today, either by residents looking for a simpler way of life or those making and maturing wine.

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Moreover, What is the word for someone who lives in the past?

Nostalgic, living in the past and stuck in the past.

Secondly, Is troglodyte a bad word?

A friend sent me a subscription to Wordsmith.org’s word-of-the-day e-mail. Yesterday’s word was “troglodyte”: Someone who is brutish, reactionary, or primitive; a cave dweller; an animal that lives underground. The only downside is that troglodyte is a 3-syllable word, where most swear words are blessedly 1 syllable.

Simply so, What is a word for being stuck in the past?

Nostalgia is reminiscing over the past and whilst not so commonly used as a noun there is a word nostalgic meaning “a person who displays nostalgia for something” and a nostalgist is “a person prone to nostalgia.

Is troglodyte an insult?

In simplest terms, the term troglodyte is used to refer to someone thought to be “reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.” You can also use it to compare someone to an ape, a member of a prehistoric race of people who lived in caves, or a creature that lives underground, like a worm.

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How do you use troglodyte in a sentence?

In the vicinity are the troglodyte caverns of Monte Scaglioso, still inhabited by some of the lower classes, and other caves with 13thcentury frescoes. There are many troglodyte villages in the Costa Almeria.

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How do you use DE in a sentence?

To express the contents of an object, use de. For example, if you want to tell your coworker that you’re drinking a cup of coffee, simply say Bebo una taza de café. (I’m drinking a cup of coffee.)

What is a male troglodyte?

A troglodyte is a human cave dweller, from the Greek trogle “hole, mouse-hole” and dyein “go in, dive in”.

How old are troglodytes?

It is believed to be one of human’s primary residences in the country as its history stretches far back in time to about 10,000 years ago. Some of its natural and manmade caves are still used for housing and shelter. The houses in the continually inhabited village are carved like caverns inside the mountain.

Are troglodytes real?

Yes and no. Pan troglodytes is a term for the common chimpanzee, it refers to the genus for the small bird the wren and it’s a generic term for a “caveman.” However, there is no offshoot of humanity that is scientifically classified as a troglodyte.

How do you use his in a sentence?

– Nurturing was in his personality.
– She stopped and gazed up at his face.
– Then a little man jumped out of the basket, took off his tall hat, and bowed very gracefully to the crowd of Mangaboos around him.
– As they continued toward the house, he cleared his throat.
– Would you like to read his speech?

What is another way to say in the past?

before formerly
————— —————–
time was when in auld lang syne
back in the day earlier
in times past back when
beforehand heretofore

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What do you call a person stuck in the past?

2. You can call them a nostalgic. – bib Oct 26 ’13 at 19:52. You’ve used three expressions in your question which express perfectly your request. Nostalgic, living in the past and stuck in the past.

What is the word for things that hold you back?

Find another word for hold back. In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hold back, like: abstain, hesitate, retain, restrain, hold, curb, forbear, check, prevent, avoid and balk.

What is a troglodyte Niger?

The Troglodyte Niger “is the Cave Man or Cave Dweller ,being ANY of the members of the pre-historic Paleo -people that lived in caves. A Troglodyte is anyone who lives in a primitive, low, and degenerative fashion. Niger relates to (Paleolithic) and the anthropoid ape;being a Chimpanzee or Gorilla.

What’s a troglodyte slang?

any female who is extremely displeasing to the eye or to one’s personal well-being. Also trog. Commonly misspelled trogladite. That trog was so ugly I wanted to stab my eyes out!Apr 10, 2013

How do you use they in a sentence?

– They had two adopted children already. 240.
– They say she is amazingly beautiful.
– They can actually talk!
– Yet they honestly think there is no choice left.
– They entered the house and she glanced at the dark fireplace.
– “They do not belong here,” returned the Prince.
– And what have they promised?
– They don’t scare us much.

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