What can I use instead of a Lazy Susan?



  • Corner Drawers: This is definitely your most expensive option, but probably the most ergonomic solution for your corner. …
  • Corner Recycle Centre: It sounds crazy, but consider the triple corner recycling centre if you are looking for another option. …
  • Super Susan: What is a Super Susan?

Subsequently, Is Lazy Susan an offensive term? So far, we may conclude that the lazy Susan has European—rather, British—roots. The woody continent knew it as the ‘dumb waiter’ long before the furniture shed this offensive name for an equally offensive tag.

How do you organize a corner cabinet without a Lazy Susan? Another tip: “If you wish to keep small/lightweight items in a corner cabinet, place them in a shoebox and slide it in and out for easy access,” says Murray. And if there’s no lazy Susan, a pizza pan works great at a makeshift one, she says.

Yet, How do you make a corner cabinet more useful?

How do you maximize space in a corner cabinet?

What is a Lazy Susan called in Chinese?

In Chinese, they are known as 餐桌转盘 (t. 餐桌轉盤) (p cānzhuō zhuànpán) or “dinner-table turntables”.

Why is a corner cabinet called a Lazy Susan?

As rotating wooden trays cropped up in kitchens and on dining room tables, replacing the need for servants to dish food, the term lazy Susan likely became a mashup of a reference to both a lazy employee and the substitution of technology for human power, according to Krajewski.

How do you hang a shelf in a closet without drilling?

You could easily use a handsaw or a jigsaw. If you’re buying your lumber at the big box store, you can ask them to make a few cuts for you. After cutting my long thin plywood in half, just the size I need for my no drill shelves, I cut the quarter round to use for cleats. These cleats will be supporting the shelves.

How do you attach a sliding shelf to a pantry?

How do you install floating shelves in a closet?

How do you hang a shelf in a small closet?

How do you attach shelves to a closet wall?

How do you make a rolling shelf?

How do you make a pull shelf in your pantry?

What is a Euro drawer slide?

A Euro drawer slide is a single rail epoxy coated undermount slide. Pull out movement is achieved with a nylon wheel versus a ball bearing system. Load capacites vary from 75-100 lbs and these slides can be 3/4 extension of full extension.

How do I make my corner cabinet more accessible?

How does a magic corner work?

A magic corner is a smartly engineered kitchen corner storage solution designed with a slide-out mechanism that allows easy access to stuff you store in that blind corner under the kitchen counter.

Are Lazy Susans still popular?

The Lazy Susan is still a very popular option for clients of today. Today’s designs are much more functional and attractive and come in plastic or laminated hardwood. We always recommend stopping by a kitchen and bathroom showroom and look at the new versions of Lazy Susan’s, as you might be pleasantly surprised.

How do you make a blind corner pull out?

What is a blind corner base?

A blind corner base cabinet is a cabinet installed in a corner where two cabinet runs meet, and a portion of the cabinet is hidden by the one adjacent to it. The hidden section serves as storage without giving up space in a corner.


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