Visual test: Can you find the error in just 6 seconds?


Ask yourself if every detail you observe on this riddle is accurate. This test, which is in fact the subject of a big trend on social networks, shows workers who work, but the composition has errors!

Test: an image with several errors

Try to find them in just 6 seconds, then challenge your loved ones. The Leenkus editorial team offers you to take the test right away.

Indeed, its difficulty led 4 out of 5 people not to find the solution. You really have to observe all the details of the illustration to successfully solve this puzzle. To do this, you must not exceed 6 seconds! Without further ado, below is the picture of the riddle.

Here is the solution

So ? Did you discover the errors? Are you tired of searching and thinking? Do not panic ! This is completely normal, because this kind of test requires a lot of time and patience to solve.

If you are not part of the limited group of geniuses who have managed to meet this challenge… We invite you to discover the solution to this challenge and to share it with loved ones.

All you need is two answers to the question “did you manage, yes or no, to solve this riddle in 6 seconds?” “. If you succeeded, hats off! In this case, we have other challenges for you.

Conversely, take a look at the image below, where we show you where the errors were located. You will be surprised.

The importance of testing!

Regularly, the Leenkus editorial staff offer you tests. This is an opportunity to have a good time with the family. We can thus compete and see his level. Individuals are passionate and design these games that can go viral on social networks. Because some actively share them. Some make the buzz like the test we have just told you about.

By the way, for children, it is always a very interesting exercise. In addition, some schools actually use this type of game to highlight certain skills and work on them. Watching and analyzing an image is very important. In everyday life, understanding and deciphering an image is a very important issue.

The French love games

The French are players at heart. Indeed, there are many ways to have fun. This is also the case with board games which are very numerous. Manufacturers spend months imagining games and testing. There are essentials. Especially Monopoly or scrabble allow you to play as a family. Also, the opportunity to test the general culture of the participants.

Monopoly is an interesting game because it allows you to see how the different players at a table can manage their budget. Also scrabble is a very popular game. For those who do not know the rules, the goal is to succeed in making combinations using letters and to accumulate as many points as possible. Moreover, there are championships and some play on the net. Children also like games such as chess, “power 4” or checkers. Playing games develops many skills.


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