Top 10 Most Powerful Families In The Marvel Universe

Top 10 Most Powerful Families In The Marvel Universe

If you thought that following the events of continuity Marvel was something complicated, we challenge you to reconstruct the genealogical tree of some of his families. Between children born in alternate realities, those who have been conceived in a wacky way and the editorial problems that have led to upset certain families, clearing up all the talents that are in the same line can be long and tedious. Luckily for you, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We’ve done all the work for you. Here is our ranking of the 10 strongest families in the Marvel Universe.

In this top, we will rank the strongest families in the Marvel Universe according to their collective power. Considered in this list are the most well-known children and grandchildren, spouses, and clones and adopted children of the toughest families in the Marvel household.

#10 The Howlett Family

When you’ve lived as long as Logan, it’s no wonder having built a real little family. As a reminder, the hero was born in the 1880s. Wolverine has therefore continued his merry way, through the centuries, to reach our time, and has, in the meantime, gave birth to several children. Among the most famous of them are Daken, Jimmy Hudson and Laura Kiney (aka X-23). The latter was born by artificial insemination and has long been considered a clone of her father.

The Howletts are not very numerous, but are mostly seasoned warriors possessing retractable claws and the ability to regenerate. In addition to Logan’s three children, we can add to this line a clone of Laura Kiney, baptized Gabby, and Wolverine’s half-brother, Cabot Logan, who are both formidable fighters.


The Braddock line is as rich as it is powerful. The most prominent member of this family is Betsy Braddock, an initially secondary character in the adventures of Captain Britain, who later became popular heroine Psylocke. In addition to Betsy and Brian (aka Captain Britain), the Braddocks have another sibling. This is their slightly unbalanced brother named Jamie.

In terms of powers, Psylocke is an Omega-level mutant who uses her ninja skills and psychic powers (telekinetic and telepathic) to fight. Captain Britain is endowed with colossal strength. And their brother, Jamie Braddock, has the incredible ability to be able to change reality. With this ability, he can notably bring dead people back to life.


The Inhumans are a superhuman race of mutants who secretly live on Earth. These people were created by the Kree and are now led by Black Arrow, the leader of the Inhuman royal family. This group of very powerful characters includes ten mutants with very varied superpowers.

By opening his mouth, Black Bolt can launch a sonic burst capable of razing an entire city. His companion, Medusa, has prehensile hair. Black Arrow’s younger brother, the supervillain Maximus, acts on the thoughts of others telepathically, while their sister Crystal manipulates the four elements. The Gorgon, Triton, and Karnak characters respectively have the power to unleash earthquakes, swim and breathe underwater, and pinpoint an object’s weak points to destroy it with a single blow. We can add to this curious family a formidable bulldog named Gueule d’or, who has the ability to teleport, but also Ahura, the son of Black Bolt and Medusa, being able to use the powers of his father and his uncle, and Luna, Crystal’s daughter, who can see and manipulate other people’s emotions.


Years after he was accidentally exposed to gamma rays and transformed into the Hulk, Bruce Banner was forced to give his sister who needed it a blood transfusion. This led Jennifer Walters to transform into She-Hulk. Then it was the turn of Bruce’s ex-wife and father to shapeshift into a similar creature, by finding themselves also irradiated with gamma rays. This process will change them respectively in Red She-Hulk and in Red Hulk. As a result of all this, Bruce Banner will have three children, two of whom will inherit the same physiognomy as him (namely Skaar and Lyra).

As you can imagine, Hulk, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk and Red Hulk all share the same superpowers. They are all endowed of incredible strength and drastically improved endurance. This is also the case for Lyra and Skaar, even if the latter also has the strengthening powers of his mother. Hiro Kala, the last son of Bruce Banner, is unable to take a form similar to his congeners. Instead, it has a cosmic power offering him a wide spectrum of powers very useful.


The Summers family is without a doubt one of the most imposing dynasties in Marvel comics. Its central characters Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) and Jean Grey, who are two mutants who lived an incredible romance from which Cable was born (designed from a clone of Jean). Around these two heroes revolves a number of other family members, who themselves are extremely interesting. Among them, we can cite Havok and Vulcan (Scott’s brothers), Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean), Corsair (Scott’s father), X-Treme (his half-brother), as well as Nate Grey, Tyler Dayspring, Rachel, Ruby and Hope Summers, all of whom are descendants of Scott in various and varied alternate realities.

The Summers-Grey line is filled with Omega-level mutants. Jean was the host of the Phoenix force and has unusual psychic powers. His companion, Scott Summers, is recognized for his talents as a fine strategist and his ability to be able to shoot energy beams through his eyes. His brothers also have energy-based abilities. Scott and Jean’s children have different types of powers, sometimes very close to those of their parents (like Nate and Rachel who have the same abilities as their mother and Cable who inherited a mix of powers from both parents), or completely distinct, like Hope Summers who has the ability to copy super- powers of other mutants.


Unraveling the Maximoff family tree is a real headache. Wanda’s children are actually the result of the witch’s powers of creation and not of an ordinary pregnancy. The origins of the Scarlet Witch have also long been controversial. First introduced as Magneto’s daughter, Marvel ended up ignoring this relationship in the comics. What is surer, however, is that Wanda is well Pietro Maximoff’s sister. Both brother and sister will find a partner to share their life with: for Wanda, it will be the android Vision, and for Pietro, it will be the Inhuman Crystal, with whom he will notably have a daughter.

Wanda Maximoff is a witch of inordinate power, just as his mother, Natalya, was for a time. Pietro can meanwhile move at unparalleled speed. Wanda’s sons each shared the powers of their mother and uncle. Then, if we add to this incredible family possibly the powers of Magneto, which is considered one of the greatest mutants in the universe, those of Vision, who can manipulate its density and cross matter, as well as those of Crystal and Luna, of which we spoke to you a little above, we reach tremendous power potential.


Thanks to the MCU movies, Thanos signed up as one of the most feared big bads of the entire Marvel Universe. And with the tenor of his genocidal ambitions, it was widely expected that his family would be as bonkers and Machiavellian as he was. But luckily for Earth’s heroes, that doesn’t seem to be the case. His brother, Eros, and several of his cousinswhich we could see at work in the film The Eternals, fought on the side of good. This is also the case for some of his many adopted children, like Gamora or Nebula to name only the most famous of them.

Like the majority of his family members, Thanos is an Eternal. He therefore possesses, in the same way as Eros, for example, the ability to synthesize cosmic energy into a number of effects. In view of these genetic dispositions, he and his whole family are endowed with incredible power and impressive faculties of resistance. Some relatives of Thanos, however, do not benefit from such power, like his adopted children. However, nothing to fear for them. Gamora and Nebula are assassins whose reputation is now well established. For their part, the members of the Black Order are not left out either. Despite their status as a common alien creature, they are fierce fighters who can rely on skills like telepathy or teleportation in battle. The natural son of Thanos has meanwhile new powers. With his right hand, Thane can trap his target in an amber prison. And using his left hand he is able to kill any opponent it touches.


Thanks to his powers, Charles Xavier has become one of the most remarkable mutants in the Marvel universe. But he’s not the only member of his family to having inherited extraordinary abilities. His half-brother is none other than the super-villain the Scourge and his twin sister, Cassandra Nova, constitutes an evil double of his person and caused the death of thousands of mutants. Professor X also has two sons (one born from an ordinary pregnancy and the other from a psychic creation) whose powers are prodigious. Their names are David Haller (aka Legion) and Onslaught.

Professor Xavier is the most well-known and powerful telepath to ever appear in Marvel comics. He possesses a “psychic son” which he conceived alongside Magneto. This entity, called Onlslaught, has the same abilities as Charles Xavier, with the added bonus of…


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