TikTok: this deadly new challenge pushes users to suicide

TikTok: this deadly new challenge pushes users to suicide

Prevention messages are multiplying on social networks. Do not go to the end of the Labello Challenge, they say. This challenge, at first harmless like many others, has turned in real deadly game for some people. The authorities warn of the high risk of suicide caused by this TikTok trend.

A dangerous challenge involving lip balm

Every year, new challenges abound on TikTok. Some are fun, others have a worthy purpose, but sadly most are still dangerous, especially for younger users. The Labello Challenge seems to have become the hot new trend on TikTok. However, this one is far from being a challenge like the others. It involves many risks, among which appear death…

The Labello Game (or Chapstick Challenge in English) initially seemed like a relatively harmless trend. It consisted of taking themselves on video to guess the taste of his lip balm, by a kiss, to his partner. But since its appearance, the rules of this challenge have changed a lot and are taking a turn that worries parents.

Over time, the challenge was pushed a little further and now forced its insiders to harm or commit suicide. Indeed, the new form of the Game of Labello now encourages, every day, to put balm on the lips, until the tube is finished. After which, challenge participants are encouraged to end their lives.

All mobilized against the excesses of this challenge

In France, no suicide is yet to be deplored as a result of this practice. However, the government and institutions take the threat very seriously. On social networks, the Ministry of the Interior has decided to increase preventive actions.

#Prevention l Some viral practices and trends can make social media a dangerous playground.
Be attentive and listen to the young people around you if you observe a change in behavior. #labellochallenge #jeudulabello pic.twitter.com/yvifePcWOe

May 6, 2022

For its part, the social network TikTok has also become fully aware of the dangerousness of this challenge. From now on, when you type the #LabelloChallenge or #ChapstickChallenge, you will no longer come across challenge videos but rather on advice to avoid dangerous practices induced by this type of challenge.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that the platform has had to deal with this kind of abuse. On TikTok, too many stories start with a challenge and unfortunately end in the hospital, as was the case for this young boy who tried to reproduce one of the games from the Korean series Squid Game.



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