The Northman: a particularly violent new trailer for the Vikings film (video)

The Northman: a particularly violent new trailer for the Vikings film (video)

While the series vikings came to an end in 2020 after six seasons and that the first season of its spin-off titled Vikings: Valhalla has been available since the start of the year, director Robert Eggers is preparing to unveil a feature film in the world of the Vikings. The Northman will be released next month, and a new trailer was unveiled yesterday to get the hype going. Spoiler: the violence will indeed be there.

The Northman: a film of promising vikings

Whether in the cinema, in series or in video games, the Vikings seem to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists. These works are often based on a balance between fiction, mythological accounts and historical facts, which should again be the case in The Northman, the new feature film by Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse). For 2h15, we can follow thehe Norse prince of Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), who embarks on a quest to avenge the death of his father. For the anecdote, the Swedish actor had precisely interpreted the role of the so-called Eric Northman in the series True Blood. Funny.

He will be accompanied by renowned actors and actresses such as Willem Dafoe, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman or Anya Taylor-Joy, who was discovered in 2020 thanks to the mini-series The Queen’s Game. All these beautiful people will meet in an adventure film with promising settings and atmosphere, but also particularly violent, as evidenced by the brand new trailer posted online by Focus Features, the film’s distributor in the United States. In France, Universal Pictures is in charge of the distribution of the feature film.

A new trailer that reveals all the violence of The Northman

Yes The Northman will be available this Friday in American cinemas, you will have to wait until Wednesday May 11, 2022 to discover it in France. And as much to say that we are wriggling with impatience, in view of the first almost unanimous reviews which fell, but also in view of the particularly violent last trailer. You can watch it below, but be warned: The Northman is not intended for an audience of all ages and could shock some, without being excessively gory either.

If the beginning of the trailer suggests a spectacular and quite violent film with many fight scenes, the last extracts testify to a rather exacerbated violence and show clearly visible blood. Between very close shots, very tribal percussions and a polished staging, it’s a safe bet that Robert Eggers’ feature film will manage without difficulty to make us feel all the violence of the fights and all the impact of the blows.

We are therefore reassured, whereas the director scared us a bit during an interview agreed to IndieWire, hinting that the studio had somewhat hampered his creative vision: “I knew when I gave the script to the studio that I wouldn’t get the final cut of this film. And that was a risk I was willing to take. […] Post-production was a very painful process. But it was also a necessary process.”

Anyway, you will have to show a little more patience: The Northman will be released in our dark rooms on May 11, 2022.


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