The Flash: Marvel’s fastest hero makes Barry Allen look like a snail

The Flash: Marvel's fastest hero makes Barry Allen look like a snail

Whereas Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness must come and tell us about the next adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe next May, Marvel exists above all thanks to its publishing and publication of comics. An activity that has been going on for more than 80 years now, enough to allow the cinematographic branch of the House of Ideas to have the choice concerning the stories to be adapted, like this comics in which the fastest hero of Marvel makes Flash look like a snail.

flash at dc, quicksilver at marvel

Whether at Marvel or at DC, the heroes generally have their equivalent in the stable opposite. Superman/Hyperion, Aquaman/Namor, Green Arrow/Hawkeye, the characters tend to end up on one side or the other. Roughly similar characters and powers that are exhibited via different stories and tones. And at Marvel, DC’s Flash equivalent is unquestionably Quicksilver. Incarnated on our screens between 2014 and 2015 by actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson and by Evan Peters in the series Wanda VisionQuicksilver is none other than the brother of Wanda, one of the key characters of Phase 4 of the MCU.

And of course, these heroes are also found on the side of Marvel comics since that is where they appear for the first time. And in early March, comic book fans could enjoy the 10th issue of the comic book series. Eternals. A comic book by Kieron Gillen (screenplay), Esad Ribic (drawings and cover) which focuses on the latest heroes of the MCU. In this new series of comics:

“The Eternals go on a pilgrimage together. Well, it depends on who you ask – because it’s not really a pilgrimage…more like a break and enter into Avengers Mountain. But what the Avengers don’t know doesn’t won’t hurt them… will it?”

Only, it seems that the last issue allowed us to discover a hero even faster than Flash. DC’s fastest hero is able to exceed the speed of light, and even warp time and space. And DC stories have proven it to us in the past, but Flash is capable of such speed that he can appear in two places at once without arousing suspicion. A feat that even Quicksilver is not capable of. Only, it seems that one of Marvel’s heroes is even faster than Flash. This hero is Makkari.

an eternal like no other

For those who haven’t seen it yet The Eternals by Chloé Zhao, Makkari is none other than an Eternal, namely a race created by the Celestials to help them in their projects. In terms of powers, Makkari is none other than the fastest Eternal of all. Now unable to fly, manipulate matter, or project pure energy, she can still run at the speed of light for a few moments. Nothing much different from what Flash is capable of, is it? Unfortunately for the DC hero, the 10th issue of the Eternals comic book series proved to us that Makkari was capable of so much more. And for good reason, she can run so fast that she then appears in six places at once.

A phenomenal speed that allows him to fool the technology of the Celestials, a race far more advanced than Humanity. A ploy through which she activates a communication mechanism that normally requires six people. A show of force that makes Flash look like a relatively slow hero. Nonetheless, Flash has proven to be able to jump from one dimension to another due to his speed. A process resulting more from his connection with the Force Veloce perhaps? What seems certain, for now, is that Makkari has yet to prove himself capable of it. The two heroes therefore have assets to put forward each on their side. It remains to be seen what the Eternal still has in store for us, an answer in the next issues.


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