The Boys season 3: this superhero is the only one who can destroy Homelander

The Boys season 3: this superhero is the only one who can destroy Homelander

On June 3, Amazon Prime Video will broadcast the long-awaited season 3 of The Boys. The opportunity to find our favorite Supes, while the reputation of Vought is damn tainted by the Seven. This superhero is the only one who can put an end to the actions of the tormented Homelander !

The Boys season 3, soon to be back on our screens

The fans of The Boys count the weeks, even the days, before the return of the satirical series on Prime Video. Season 3 will be added to the streaming platform’s catalog on June 3. The opportunity to find our favorite Supes, right where we left them. Stormfront was decimated by Ryan’s laser eyes, the Fishman is still unpopular, while Starlight did not hesitate to turn her back on Vought whenever she had the chance. Everything that happened in the previous episodes has damaged the reputation of the company run by Stan Edgar… The boss will certainly seek to restore his image and his new colt, Soldier Boy, embodied on screen by Jensen Ackles, could greatly help him achieve his goals.

Homelander finally threatened by another Supe in The Boys ?

This will not be the only mission of this new Supe in season 3 of The Boys. Indeed, this fake copy of Captain America is the only one to to be able to be compared to the great Homelander, leader of the Seven, in terms of powers and public notoriety. If in the comics, several versions of the character are presentedSoldier Boy is the only Supe who can actually take on Homelander, and in our wildest dreams, kill him…

Homelander and Soldier Boy look a lot alike. Both embody a symbol of justice and virtue. In the comics, Soldier Boy is the leader of the Payback, a team (almost) comparable to the one led by Homelander. Having received his powers through a serum similar to that of Steve Rogers, he possesses superhuman strength, sharp reflexes and impressive agility. He is also able to survive countless injuries, beyond what a normal human being could sustain. What Soldier Boy lacks is his naivety and his lack of common sense. It is in any case in this way that he is regularly portrayed in the comics, but one can imagine that under the thumb of Vought, Soldier Boy could become another man. A Supe capable of annihilating Homelander…


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