The Batman: here’s why Bruce Wayne will be very different in the sequel

The Batman: here's why Bruce Wayne will be very different in the sequel

Recently, we revealed to you this new project by Paul Dano concerning the character of the Riddler, recently rediscovered on the occasion of the release of the film The Batman. And while the actor intends to go further with his character, the same is true for the director film with sound main characterhaving partly revealed what he had in mind for Bruce Wayne.

the future of bruce wayne

After the film Justice League (2017), Warner Bros. wanted to take another direction for the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The studio parted ways with Ben Affleck and tapped Matt Reeves to direct an all-new take on the superhero. The latter gave Robert Pattinson the role of a much younger version of the characterwho is only in his second year of his career as a masked vigilante.

The film The Batman focuses primarily on the Dark Knight and relegates Bruce Wayne to the background, with fans then wanting to know if Pattinson’s version will ever inherit Bruce’s famous playboy personality. And according to a recent interview with KCRW, the film’s director hints that this may well be the case. He said:

One of the things I was interested in was not focusing on an origin story, because we saw that Burton did it so well, and Nolan did too. I wanted to do an early years Batman and Bruce Wayne. And it was important to me that although it wasn’t an origin story, you could feel that he was in his early years, still trying to make sense of himself, showing that it wasn’t still just a young man trying to come together and find a way to function. This idea of ​​not yet understanding the benefit of being Bruce Wayne, the same way other iterations of the character realize they can be Bruce Wayne and it can be a different type of mask , was necessary. This was to highlight the fact that he was not yet developed enough to understand how useful this can be to him.

And it is true that the film is more centered on Batman than on Bruce, Pattinson not really having the opportunity to explore the duality of the character as much as the previous actors. But Reeves wanted his movie to put Batman front and center, giving Bruce Wayne room to grow. The director had previously revealed to Total Movie why the movie The Batman was more Batman-focused than Bruce-focused:

I knew I didn’t want to do an origin story and I didn’t want to tell a story where you see Bruce going through trauma and then becoming Batman, because that’s been done brilliantly so many times. But I still wanted to make sure we had Batman at the center, whose journey was the main story, […] but without him being completely master of himself. We can therefore see him evolve and take up challenges. In doing this, I wanted to lean into the idea of ​​making it a thriller of the greatest detective in the world. So that meant putting Batman at the center more than Bruce Wayne, because he’s the one who will try to solve this mystery.

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