Test: The way you carry your bag says a lot about you!


Our attitudes are a representation of our spirit. So whatever we do that feels normal to us can be a response to a particular condition. In this test, we offer you an image that shows the different ways of carrying a bag. An act that has become ordinary and common, but which nevertheless hides a response to your personality. What does the way you carry your bag mean? Find out the answer!

Personality test :

Take part in this personality test which will try to answer, depending on the way you carry your bag, one of your existential doubts. In fact, depending on your habit… The answers you will find in the viral test will certainly surprise you.

What can the way we carry our bag actually reveal? Find the answers in the rest of this article.

In the image above, therefore, you will find five ways to carry your bag. Which one suits you best? The answers will help you change certain attitudes or behaviors. Look at the picture and then look for the solution.

Personality test… on the back

People who prefer to use backpacks rather than bags, as in the first image of the test, are open to novelty. Indeed, these people always have everything they need to travel. No one knows when adventure will call them!

Also, these people are very cautious. Often in the bottom of their backpack you can find candy for a crying child than a piece of ham for a stray kitten.

Personality test… in hand

Test: people who prefer to carry their bag in their hands tend to be in control. They always have something to say and like to be aware of everything that is happening around them.

These people are very reliable!

On the shoulder

Test: if you carry your bag this way, you like to read. In fact, carrying the bag on the shoulder makes it more comfortable to take the book out. Even if you are traveling on the standing subway at rush hour.

Even if they fall asleep while you’re talking, they’ll sleep with their eyes open and occasionally nod their heads so as not to offend you.

Crossover from the shoulder to the waist

Individuals who carry their crossbody bag from shoulder to waist are cautious. No thief can steal it. Indeed, even if you put not only important papers but also a gold bar (or at least a gold-plated object).

Also, these people tend to exaggerate their wealth. But they are very generous and are always ready to share their last spoonful with others.

On the abdomen

Test: what is this thing that has just passed in front of you? A hurricane ? No, it’s someone who carries his bag in front of him, on his belly.

Indeed, it is the only way to protect it from the wind. Conversations with this type of person can be very unpredictable. These people can shout the answer to your question from the top of the Eiffel Tower.


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