Test: The number of horses you have says a lot about you


This visual test is all the rage on the web. Indeed, depending on your answer, you are told interesting things about yourself. It’s fast, easy and sometimes surprising! You have 10 seconds to answer this test. Ready? Go!

Visual test: a hidden part of your personality?

Do you want to discover your deep personality? This visual test is for you. Fun, it allows you to discover new traits of your personality. In addition, this new so-called “psychological” test is a huge success on the web.

Today, more and more French people are doing personality tests. A way for everyone to have fun while discovering more about themselves. Moreover, these personality tests take different forms. Sometimes it’s about analyzing images… Sometimes we’re just asked to answer questions.

If they belong to the field of entertainment, they nevertheless evoke a most serious subject… psychology! There is no doubt, psychology fascinates. Especially when it comes to yourself!

This horse test is a huge success on the web

Thus, this visual test will also allow you to guess a facet of your personality to which you do not necessarily pay attention.

Simple and fun, it won a wave of unanimity on social networks. Indeed, it proceeds to an analysis of our daily habits. And yet, he only asks one simple question. Which is amazing!

Indeed, it is enough to answer only one very easy question. But of course, it is important not to cheat while respecting the imposed time, namely 10 seconds. Not one more!

Also, you must give the real answer. And don’t change it! Without further ado, check out the image below and count how many horses you manage to perceive. You have 10 seconds. So are you ready ? Let’s go !

From 1 to 4 horses?

Visual test: then if your answer is between 1 and 4 horses…You are mainly interested in the general situation.

Indeed, you always take some distance to better have a perspective on things. Thus, your personality is therefore rather neutral. You don’t drown in unnecessary details. Also, you gain in efficiency in your work.

From 5 to 10 horsepower?

Did you count between 5 and 10 horses in the test? Then you have a perfectionist temperament. Nothing stops you! You now like to set new goals and appreciate going beyond your limits. And your friends and loved ones appreciate your boundless energy.

You manage to convey your enthusiasm and good humor to those around you.

11 horsepower or more?

Visual test: If you got between 5 and 11 horsepower, it indicates that you like accuracy. Indeed, your character is that of a specific individual who leaves nothing to chance. For you, the devil is in the details.

But this does not mean that you lose the global vision. However, your desire to do well can sometimes tire you. Because you don’t stop until you get to the bottom of it.


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