Test: Choose a tip and find out things about yourself


The personality test you are about to take is prepared to see how your choices describe your personality characteristics. It’s simple ! Choose the pipe through which you think the water will flow the fastest and find out the answers below.

Option A

Did you choose option A? It is proof of an unparalleled analytical mind. Only 30% of respondents chose answer A. You belong to an extremely talented group of people. Everything you do often evolves above average. The way you think can set you apart from your friends and family.

Also, you are in contact with philosophy, music and scientific work in search of solutions to problems. You are thus characterized by a great work organization and great discipline. Which undoubtedly helps you succeed in your chosen fields.

Solution B of the test

Did you actually choose the second solution of the test? You probably belong to a very elite group of analytical minds. In addition to your extraordinary personality, you have many talents. In fact, just over 7% of respondents chose answer B.

You are thus a gifted individual in many fields of science and art. Also, you might even consider yourself a Leonardo da Vinci on your scale. You love what you do and your accomplishments are often impressive.

People who have chosen this solution have a high sense of responsibility. Also, they easily undertake the most difficult tasks and they are very focused on what they are doing and for them, even a small detail counts.

Type C of the test

An excellent choice. Your answer demonstrates that you are a born artist. Art has a huge influence on you and determines your life decisions.

In fact, over 43% of people made this choice. You like everything that is poetic and beautiful. Also, you certainly have an impressive imagination and a good sense of humor. Also, your artistic genius allows you to create beautiful, even sometimes exceptional works. You work hard to achieve what you want.

Moreover, you always show great intuition. Even if you live in a world of intrigue and danger… Intuition will now allow you to make the right decisions.


It turns out that only 2 out of 10 people chose answer D on the test. So if you did choose the latter option…you probably have a good logical mind.

Before making a decision, you should always consider all the pros and cons. For you, arguments are more important than tears and screams.

You are certainly a collected and calm person. And it’s hard to get off balance. According to this test, you have a natural ability to lead a group. You fight for justice. Respected and trustworthy.… Most people enjoy being around you and feel they can rely on you.


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