Star Wars: A brand new game based on this beloved character is in development

Star Wars: A brand new game based on this beloved character is in development

While video games bearing the image of Star Wars continue to reveal themselves little by little, now a brand new project could be added to this increasingly long list. But this announcement would hide behind it something much more serious.

Star Wars galore in the years to come

A few days ago we drew up a panel of games Star Wars coming. With no less than 7 projects underway under the leadership of studios such as Electronic Arts, Sony, Quantic Dream, Skydance or Ubisoft, there will be competition, and traffic jams.

Especially since most of these games promise to be very ambitious, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in remake is certainly the most awaited, since in addition to being an excellent game, it enjoys a huge popularity rating, as evidenced by its substantial community of players. Everyone is obviously waiting for the monster Kotor cut for the new gen. As for Star Wars: Eclipseif the trailer released some time ago has dredged up the most demanding retinas, we must nevertheless keep some reservations around a project about which we do not currently know much.

A new project?

In this battle of each his own game Star Wars, another very serious competitor has just positioned itself. Indeed, according to several sources, un MMO based on The Mandalorian would be in development, and exclusive for Microsoft and its Xbox. One of those sources is none other than Nick Baker, co-founder of, and one of the insiders the most important around the Xbox sphere. As for the other, it concerns SkullziTV, which confirms the info, while adding others.

Relayed on Twitter, this leak of a game centered on the bounty hunter would be developed by Zenimax Online, the studio behind the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online; and above all owned by the publisher Bethesda, bought by Microsoft in September 2020 for the sum of 8.1 billion dollars. When we know the impact of the identity Elder Scrolls in the gaming world, this information can only be well received.

According to @SkullziTV’s sources, Zenimax Online are working on a Mandalorian MMO game.

The Mandalorian game was first mentioned by @Shpeshal_Nick last year.

Could this be another massive Xbox exclusive? ud83dudc40

April 27, 2022

According to @SkullziTV sources
Zenimax Online is reportedly working on an MMO game based on The Mandalorian.

The game was first mentioned by @Shpeshal_Nick
Last year.

Could this be another massive Xbox exclusive? ud83dudc40

Of course, all of this should be taken lightly.because if the sources are more or less serious, Microsoft and Xbox have not reacted.

Still, if this project is really underway, it will mark a response from Xbox to Sony, since we know that the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Geez, the two emblematic publishers respond to each other by interposed blows, whether through the acquisition of studios (and have been for some time now), online subscription offers, or even attempts to integrate advertising inserts. The continuation of the confrontation, in the metaverse?


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