Small chest: Which swimsuit to choose for the summer?


Gone are the days when all girls only dreamed of the famous “90-60-90” equation. Nowadays, with a society that only talks about bodypositive and well-being… Accepting your body with all its faults and assets should logically be simpler. Do you have a small chest? Stop complexing unnecessarily at the beach. Discover which models to adopt to sublimate it!

Your small breasts make you complex…

Show off your small breasts on the beach with the perfect one and two-piece models that flatter discreet breasts.

Whether we adore her or whether she complicates us… It’s not always easy to show off her small breasts in a swimsuit. Indeed, to be comfortable and trendy on the beach or by the pool, follow all our advice to find the perfect one and two-pieces for you. Read on!

Small breasts: which swimsuit?

Cheat gladly with push-up swim bra models that boost the cleavage. Triangles and progressive cup tops that casually add shapes where they are discreet.
Also, you can play with swimsuit fabric by betting on ruffled tops and pleated and gathered materials. Or even 3D ornaments that actually give volume to your small breasts.

As for the design, then opt for the print with large patterns that will swell the bust in a trompe-l’oeil. Or sets of stripes to give the illusion of a larger cup. These unparalleled allies will now be able to amplify your small breasts.

Assume your discreet little chest!

Indulge yourself with uninhibited triangle bikinis that are endlessly reinvented with a very colorful and geometric print or with the freshness of charming fruity patterns.

Also, choose the mini models that fully assume their little cap and agree with the fantasy of a mermaid style. So don’t hesitate to mismatch your two-pieces according to your morphology to mix & match a top that highlights your small breasts. This with a bottom that will sublimate your more generous curves on the hips.

A small drooping chest: which swimsuit to choose?

If at 18 your small breasts were holding themselves in place under a triangle flattering your discreet neckline… Over time, your breasts can lose a little firmness.

Indeed, to compensate for the effects of your small drooping chest.. Bet on high balconies that make the breast puff up. Or even bustiers that shape the chest to perfection to give it a little boost incognito.

What one-piece swimsuit when you have small breasts?

In fact, the one-piece is not necessarily the most recommended swimsuit for a small chest. However, some models still lend themselves easily to the game. This thanks to plunging necklines that release the bust and effectively highlight the birth of the breasts although it is discreet.

Choose it in the back for a slightly sexy look. Also, to redefine the chest, bet on one-pieces with a balcony neckline or with integrated underwiring.


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