Skyrim: after 11 years, players finally discover what the skeletons of the game really look like

Skyrim: after 11 years, players finally discover what the skeletons of the game really look like

Released in November 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains an institution. A title that has established itself as a benchmark for open-world RPG games, a trend that has continued to grow over the years. And after more than a decade, players can finally know what skeletons look like once they have skin over bones.

a facial reconstruction for the skeletons

Regularly, Internet users take the direction of the subreddit dedicated to Skyrim to share, and discover, the latest questions and discoveries of its players. A sizeable community that continues to regularly roam the frozen plains of Skyrim. And the strength of Skyrimis that even after several hundred hours, Bethesda’s game is still able to surprise. A multitude of references and details that make the charm of this emblematic title.

And recently, a surfer by the name of Podvelezac shared a facial reconstruction of the skeletons found in Skyrim. Throughout his adventure and his exploration, the player comes across a multitude of skeletons. Between visits to crypts, castles and jails, caves and ruins, the skeletons are very numerous. Although some have not moved since the death of their owner, others are in the grip of a necromancer or a dark force forcing them to fight.

The player finds himself confronted many times with skeletons. Last month, we invited you to discover a creepy detail concerning two skeletons. Going back to the facial reconstruction, the latter is visible just below and allows us to discover what the skeletons of Skyrim could have looked like. A face that looks more like our hominid ancestors than the locals of Skyrim.

At any rate, it is impressive to see how Skyrim is able to share new discoveries month after month, as Bethesda’s title came out in 2011. Let’s hope that The Elder Scrolls VI unleash so many passions. Answer in a few years.


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