Should I bring my golf clubs to Cancun?

  1. It is not recommended to take your own clubs unless you plan on golfing every day.
  2. Club rentals are between $30 – $50 USD.
  3. We suggest that you bring golf balls and tee’s… since they’re easy to pack.

Thus, Is golfing in Mexico expensive? [On average, the cost to play golf in this part of Mexico is somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 – $200 USD per round.] It’s noteworthy that many courses in the area offer all-inclusive green fees. This means you’ll get unlimited food, drinks, range balls, a cart, etc.

Additionally Can I put clothes in my golf travel bag? My travel bag has three shoe pockets, more than I need for shoes so I use some for clothes-which-can-scrunched-up such as socks, nightwear etc.) There is often a fair bit of space left inside the travel bag once my golf bag has been inserted, so utilise this by placing a bag of clothes in here.

How much does it cost to check a golf bag? You can check your golf bag for free and check another bag or use it as a carry-on. Other airlines charge between $25-$50 for checked bags and have strict weight and size limits which makes it expensive if you’re bringing multiple sets.

Can I take golf balls on a plane? Golf balls, golf tees, divot tools and golf spikes/cleats are allowed in your carry-on luggage. However, all golf clubs and putters must be checked with your airline.

Is golf popular in Mexico?

Over 700,000 golf enthusiasts flock to Mexico each year to take a swing at one of its many world-class courses.

Does Riviera Maya have a golf course?

PGA Riviera Maya An impressive synergy of golf 27 holes with magnificent Mayan jungle, natural lakes and cenotes in a rugged geography.

Where is the best place to live golf?

Key Findings

  • Oxnard, CA. …
  • Scottsdale, AZ. …
  • Irvine, CA. …
  • Gilbert, AZ. …
  • Boise, ID. …
  • Riverside, CA. …
  • Huntington Beach, CA. …
  • Peoria, AZ. Peoria, Arizona has 3.01 golf courses and country clubs for every 100,000 residents in the county, sharing the 21st spot for this metric.

Which Moon Palace resort is best?

The best overall solution in this vs roundup goes to Moon Palace Cancun for its wide variety of restaurants, pools and family-friendly entertainment. The Beach Palace comes in at a strong second with its beautiful beach and luxury amenities in a small resort atmosphere.

Does the Grand at Moon Palace have a lazy river?

Standout Features and Amenities Water Park: The Grand at Moon Palace has a water park with slides, a wave pool and a lazy river for families to enjoy together.

Can you swim in the ocean at Moon Palace?

The Moon Palace property sits along the beach. The beach is long and wide enough, but you need to know that the water offshore is quite dark. There were very few people swimming (I did not go in either). It is swimmable but far from the typical Caribbean water you would expect.

Is Moon Palace a 5 star?

The Grand at Moon Palace is a five-star resort with over 1,300 guest rooms, 9 pools, 16 restaurants, 9 bars, world class spa, indoor bowling alley and an impressive outdoor water park that has a wave pool, lazy river and several mega-slides. And that’s just The Grand property.

Which is better Sun Palace or Moon Palace?

As you already know, Sun Palace is adult only. Moon Palace is large and sprawling. It has great pools and a decent beach but lots of seaweed and a lot more dining choices on the property. Full on ocean views like at Sun are rare due to building design and layout..

Is the food at Moon Palace good?

It’s great for lunch or a snack to take back to your room after a day at the pool. They have a limited menu but the food is so good. I ate at all. I even went to the other Palace resorts and ate there.

Is the pool at Moon Palace heated?

1 answer. Yes, we have two heated pool, one is located in the Nizuc section by the south end, and one in Moon Grand in front of El Caribeño.

Can you swim at the beach at Moon Palace Cancun?

Moon Palace is NOT the place for beach swimming. The entire stretch of beach on the property is solid kelp right up to the water line. Swimming or even wading is impossible.

Is the beach swimmable at Moon Palace Cancun?

The Moon Palace property sits along the beach. The beach is long and wide enough, but you need to know that the water offshore is quite dark. There were very few people swimming (I did not go in either). It is swimmable but far from the typical Caribbean water you would expect.

Which is better beach Palace or Moon Palace?

As far as which resort has a better beach for swimming, Beach Palace wins that battle. It’s located on one of the best beaches around and offers nice waves and soft sand for walking or lounging. Family Activities Winner: Moon Palace Cancun for the wide variety of pools, slides and activities.

Does Moon Palace still have dolphins?

Daily at Availability: Location: Dolphin Discovery at Moon Palace Nizuc Dock. The Ultimate Dolphin Swim Experience program offers an exciting way of learning and interacting with our dolphins. During this program, the first 15 minutes prior to entering the water is dedicate to an orientation about dolphins.

What is included in Moon Palace all-inclusive?

Your visit will include luxurious accommodations, 24-hour room service, unlimited dining at any of our 14 world-class restaurants, wireless Internet, in-room double whirlpool tubs, in-room minibar, top-shelf drinks at any of our bars and restaurants, CHI hair iron, blowdryer and bath amenities, entrance to Noir …

How many stars is Moon Palace Cancun?

When we walked into the room, we weren’t expecting that much, heck it’s only a 4 star resort so we would have been happy with a cot and a night light.

Can Moon Palace guests go to the grand?

Please note that in order to provide the best experience for all our guests, the facilities available at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun are now exclusively available to guests staying within The Grand.

How much is a day pass for the Grand at Moon Palace?

The Grand Pass allows Sunrise and Nizuc guests to access everything at The Grand at Moon Palace. This is a day pass that’s $99 for adults and $50 for kids. You can no longer use resort credit to purchase day passes to The Grand. Resort credits can only be used for things like the spa, tours, golf and the dolphin swim.


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