Seduction: what color to wear to make a good impression


For a good seduction during a first meeting, you should wear the right color. Indeed, the colors of an outfit could actually arouse desire. What color to wear to make a good impression? Read on!

The art of seduction!

Seduction: in love, the first impression is often decisive. In fact, to impress the person in front of us, some make sure to wear perfume, show up on time, or even smile more on the first date.

In order to put all the chances on his side, others also take the time to take care of their appearance. Moreover, according to a study commissioned by the site, it would therefore be necessary to wear a particular color to seduce the other.

Wearing black would make you more attractive

Black, the color of seduction! In fact, to come to this conclusion, the researchers conducted a study with a thousand people. They asked them about how they perceive others. This depends on the color of the clothes they choose.

According to the results of the survey, the color that would make a good impression is black. 56% of people surveyed said that this color inspired them with self-confidence.

Also, for 64% of men, a woman who dresses in black is confident. Also, this color is associated with intelligence. Thus, this color would also be ideal for job interviews, weddings or even funerals.

Seduction: can you make a good impression by wearing red?

Considered the color of love and passion… Is red also one of the colors of seduction?

Indeed, this color is associated with arrogance and sensuality. To feel sexy when first meeting, 54% of women said they would opt for red clothes. While only 28% of men would. Moreover, some associate this color more with aggressiveness and do not want to give this impression.

What colors should you avoid on a first date?

Seduction: some colors would be less attractive. According to the study, orange is not the new black. In fact, only 2% of women would choose to wear orange on a first date. Also, among the least popular shades, we find in particular the brown color.

In total, 5% of respondents would wear brown during an important appointment. Also, only 5% of respondents think that smart people would wear pink.

Here are some catchphrases that make men crack every time

To succeed in seducing the other, the research team showed photos of women to 130 heterosexual men. In fact, each photo was therefore accompanied by a phrase used to approach a man. Among which, direct sentences (“Would you like to go have a drink or do we continue to flirt from a distance?”, “Could I have your mobile number?”).

Or even tendentious phrases (“I still see you here, do you come often?”, “Since you are alone and me too, why shouldn’t we be together?”) and evasive phrases (“Which cocktail do you recommend for me in this bar?”, “I’ve seen you before, do you work here?”).


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