Ryan Reynolds becomes the king of Netflix with this world record

Ryan Reynolds becomes the king of Netflix with this world record

As he makes the news aroundThe Adam Projectand in the longer term Deadpool 3American actor Ryan Reynolds has just broken a record on the Netflix streaming platform.

Reynolds at the top on Netflix

Relations between Ryan Reynolds and Netflix seem to be in good shape since the platform has many films in its catalog embodied by the American actor: 6 Underground, Red Notice, RIPD Phantom Troupe, Close Security, Green Lantern, or The Croods.

The first two, released last year, are big productions where explosions are omnipresent, so much so that Red Notice is for example the most expensive film ever produced by Netflix, with a budget of 200 million dollars. Red Notice and 6 Underground have also the merit of being at the top of the ranking of the most viewed films on Netflixrespectively in 1st place (with 364 million hours of viewing) and 9th place (205.5 million).

New record

Strong for Ryan Reynolds who is currently making the news around Deadpool 3 through his remarks in the media stating that Leslie Uggams aka Blind Al will be back. But the 45-year-old actor has just set a new record on the N red since he is now the one and only actor to be present on 3 films in the top 10.

This performance he owes to the recent success of The Adam Project (Adam through time in VF), the new Netflix film released on March 11 of which he is the co-producer. Indeed, the film in which he plays Adam Reed, a pilot from 2050, has just climbed to the 7th rank of the most viewed films after 3 weeks of commissioning.

Reynolds was previously tied with Sandra Bullock, who both had two Netflix original films in the top 10, either bird box and The Unforgivable for the actress.

Levy and Reynolds, a hit team

As a reminder of the synopsis, The Adam Project tells the story of a pilot who embarks on a journey through time alongside the child he was and his missing father in order to heal the wounds of the past, while saving the future.

This project reunites director Shawn Levy (RealSteelLicence Night at the Museum), and Reynolds, who had previously teamed up on the amazing Free Guy, film which was a great success at the box office during the pandemic and which today records large audiences on Disney +. Recall that Levy is known to have put his paw on the series Stranger Things, since he directed eight episodes. For the director too, Netflix seems to be an important lever.

On the other hand, Reynolds and Levy are currently working on several other films, including the making of Deadpool 3 for Marvel Studios therefore, as well as a sequel to Free Guy, also in the works at 20th Century and Disney. The two men seem more than ever linked.


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