Quiz: What You See First Will Reveal How Generous You Are


Personality tests help to learn more about you. This by simply glancing at an image, for example. Moreover, this is the case today since we suggest you tell us what you see first on the image. Below you will find all the information according to what you have seen. So ready?

A man or a woman ?

You now know the concept, it’s childishly simple. An image is presented to you. The goal ? Say, without thinking too much, what you see first. Indeed, the time is therefore not for reflection. The goal is to highlight your personality traits.

It’s what you look at first that matters. So when you see the test image, don’t try to analyze it. Just say what you see.

As usual, the Leenkus editorial staff gives you the psychological explanations based on what you saw first. So you can play with several people but keep what you see to yourself so as not to influence others. Without further ado, take a look at the image below to discover the explanations. Let’s go !

Personality test: explanations based on what you saw….

So if you actually saw a woman in the test image…. Maybe it indicates that you are formal. Indeed, this drawing represents the body of a woman. If this is the case, we can say of you that you are generous. Your character is highly appreciated by others who do not hesitate to highlight your great positivity.

Also, you are loved for your high motivation. Whether you do something, you do it right to the end and always in a good mood. Thus, your colleagues enjoy working with you. This makes you a sociable individual who manages to quickly understand the people around you.

A kind person!

Likewise, again according to this personality test… You are known to listen to other people’s problems. You like to put words to emotions and feelings. As a result, you are often looked to for an outside perspective or advice.

However, be careful since you are also a sensitive person. So if the good mood of others impacts you, their sadness too. We must protect ourselves! Therefore, you lack this shell capable of protecting you. It is important to set limits!

Personality test: you have seen… the face of a man!

On the contrary, you saw the face of a man first… You are indeed a born leader, capable of positively influencing your loved ones and the people around you. And also to lead a team perfectly.

However, sometimes you tend to follow the crowd to satisfy your curiosity. You are a very analytical person, and no decision is made in haste! Each of them, especially in a professional setting, deserves its time for reflection. But you leave no room for feelings and emotions and feelings. You keep them to yourself, well buried.


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