Playstation Plus: Sony makes the announcement that all fans have been waiting for and rivals the Xbox Game Pass

Playstation Plus: Sony makes the announcement that all fans have been waiting for and rivals the Xbox Game Pass

It’s official ! Sony just announced its new plans for PlayStation Plus. From June, the offer proposed by the Japanese manufacturer will change and will present a much more substantial content than before. Xbox Game Pass better watch out, Sony is ringing the hour of revolt with a all new subscription plan which should make gamers salivate.

playstation plus gets a makeover

It was an open secret, Sony was secretly planning its response to Xbox Game Pass. As a reminder, this subscription offer allows you to take advantage of all new Microsoft titles, in addition to a large catalog of games from third-party publishers, on almost all your devices (in the cloud or on Xbox consoles), free of charge, from a subscription to Netflix. Nowadays, there was no real equivalent from the competition, either from Nintendo or from Sony. However, Microsoft’s previously untouchable Game Pass now seems to have made a strong rival. Indeed, Sony has finally decided to counter-attack, after several months of rumors surrounding a possible new service, baptized Spartacus.

Finally, the Spartacus project does not exist! To offer a quality offer to its players, Sony preferred to opt for another option than to create a brand new service. The firm announced merging two of its pre-existing brands to form one. The PlayStation Now will therefore soon disappear, in favor a boosted PlayStation Plus subscription, which will offer players three formulas with different advantages and prices.

In the rest of this article, we invite you to discover the three new formulas to which Sony will offer you to subscribe, starting in June.

Playstation Plus Essentials

PlayStation Plus Essentials is the cheapest subscription that will be offered to players. It is essentially about the formula we already know with the current PlayStation Plus. This service will give you the option to play online, get two free games per month (compared to three or four now), plus access to cloud storage and PlayStation Store discounts .

PlayStation Plus Essentials subscription prices:

  • Per month: €8.99
  • For three months: €24.99
  • Year round: €59.99

The Playstation Plus Extra

The PlayStation Plus Extra will offer the same features as the previous subscription, with an answer to Xbox Game Pass. In addition to the features already detailed, you will therefore find, in this service, a library of 400 PS4 and PS5 titles (available for download) which should expand over the months. In the list of games already announced as being accessible thanks to this subscription, we find God of War, Returnal, Mortal Kombat 11, Death Standing or Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. Sony has already announced that its exclusives will not be included in this catalog when they are released, unlike what is done on the Xbox Game Pass side.

PlayStation Plus Extra subscription prices:

  • Per month: €13.99
  • For three months: €39.99
  • Year round: €99.99

The PlayStation Plus Premium

The PlayStation Plus Prenium, meanwhile, will be dedicated to hardcore fans of the Japanese manufacturer. With this subscription, they will have access to all the features already mentioned in the previous formulas. In addition, players who subscribe to this subscription will be able to stream PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games (but also PS4 and PS5). Sony also announced that exclusive, time-limited demos will be offered to players who subscribe to this formula.

PlayStation Plus Premium subscription prices:

  • Per month: €16.99
  • For three months: €49.99
  • Year round: €119.99

So, are you excited about this new subscription system? If so, which formula are you going to fall for? Let us know what you thought of this announcement in the comments. While waiting to read you, discover the identity of the new games offered in April 2022 on PlayStation Plus.


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