Pirates of the Caribbean 6: the petition for the return of Johnny Depp in the franchise is gaining momentum

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: the petition for the return of Johnny Depp in the franchise is gaining momentum

Since several weeks, Johnny Depp confronts his ex-wife Amber Heard in a new trial. If the two actors have been waging a media war for several years, certain elements revealed during the last hearings have the consequence of build fan support for Johnny Depp. A petition opened two years ago is gaining ground: Internet users are demonstrating for the actor’s return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard, a trial of which we will never see the end?

It is certainly the most publicized trial of the year. As you know, Johnny Depp is attacking his ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation trial. He asks him 50 million dollars, while his last request in exchange for the sum of 100 million dollars, now her version of the facts: she accuses the actor of domestic violence. However, his credibility has been undermined on numerous occasions, notably when a psychologist brought to light personality disorders of the actress.

Compromising recordings, imaginary make-up palette, testimony from the bodyguard… Amber Heard’s defense seems to be taking quite a beating. A series of setbacks that forced its legal teams to change strategy, in particular by asking that Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his ex is dismissed. A request naturally refused by the judge. The actor best known for his role as Jack Sparrow in the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean intends to go to the end of things.

And for good reason, since the beginning of this media war, his life turned into real hell. The actor was notably fired from the third part Fantastic Beasts for his role of Grindelwald, replaced at short notice by Mads Mikkelsen. At the same time, it was boycotted by all of Hollywood and especially Disney, so that he was to appear in the sixth film of Pirates of the Caribbean.

When his legal battle with Amber Heard was starting to really impact Johnny Depp’s career, a fan petition called Justice for Johnny Depp and initiated by Kimberly Giles was born. She was aiming to ask for the return of the actor in the saga, which can hardly survive without its main character. Here is a short excerpt from the description of the petition:

Johnny Depp has been a phenomenal actor throughout his career. He was dropped from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean by Walt Disney’s Company. This is unfortunately due to his ex-wife Amber Heard lying and saying that Depp beat her. It has been proven that he did not hit her, while she beat him several times. She hit him with pots and pans 24/7 like everything was fine.

It may sound like a joke to some, but mistreatment of a man or woman shouldn’t be taken lightly. Amber Heard ruined the life and career of Johnny Depp. This man NEVER disappoints when he makes a movie, so why keep stopping him from making Pirates of the Caribbean ? This film is nothing without him! Please sign this petition to help Johnny Depp get back to what he loves and does best. If you were falsely accused of something you didn’t do, when there’s evidence you didn’t do it and you were still treated like a bad person, wouldn’t you want justice be done?.

Two years after its launch, and now that the lawsuit seems lean in favor of Johnny Depp, this petition is coming back to the fore. She asked for a total of 500,000 signatures, and she is now close to reaching her goal. As of this writing, Justice for Johnny Depp was signed by 469,505 people. It is certain that the faithful of the actor will continue to come forward and fight to clear his honor. On social networks, we can also witness a deep wave of support. Whether on instagram, snapchat, tik tok, twitter or others, the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp is one of the most popular. For example, on Tik Tok, the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp has 7.1 billion views and #johnnydeppisinnocent about 1.8 billion views. If things can still evolve in the meantime, Internet users seem to have chose their side between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

However, is the return of the actor in the skin of Jack Sparrow really possible? Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. Recently, Johnny Depp said he made a radical decision: even if the Disney studios offered him an astronomical sum, he would not return to the franchise. He says he is hurt and disappointed by the attitude of certain people, with whom he has worked for many years. If the petition therefore gains momentum, she shouldn’t change Johnny Depp’s future in the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Similarly, the petition calling for the dismissal of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 shouldn’t have any impact either because even if she breaks records, the filming of the Warner film is already complete.


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