Palmistry: Do you have an M in the palm of your hand? Here is the meaning


Palmistry: If you have an M in the palm of your hand here is the meaning

According to this science, you have the shape of the letter M in the palm of your hand? Take the time to check it out. If this is the case, it is very likely that you are a person with great ideas and a particularly developed sense of entrepreneurship. This is obviously a hypothesis based on a science called palmistry. (Reading the lines on the hands).


You devote your time and energy to your projects. Thanks to this will you manage to earn your living quite easily. Moreover, intuition turns out to be much more developed with regard to women. However, it is useless to try to hide it from people who also have the letter M in the palm of their hand, because they will notice it very quickly.

Palmistry has been an art for thousands of years

According to specialists in the field of palmistry, people with an M on the line of the hand have abilities to earn money. The reason is simple: These people excel in careers that require a lot of motivation and discipline. They also make excellent entrepreneurs.

Palmistry has been an art for thousands of years with its roots in Hindu astrology and Chinese folktales. The practice then spread to Asia, but also to Europe, up to Alexander the Great, who actually used it to judge the character of his soldiers.

M for “mysterious” and “magnificent”?

The presence of this letter in the palm of your hand is certainly not trivial. According to palmistry… The art of reading the lines of the palm, you are much more intuitive than the average person. In addition, you would be endowed with a determined character, which would attract success. Here is its full meaning!

According to palmistry, the lines of our hands can both tell us a lot about our personality and tell us about our future. Take a look there !

What does this M say about you?
You can’t stand lying and the manipulations that often go with it. You are a frank person, and the M you have in hand is a precious help: in addition to hating lies, you know how to detect them perfectly.

Palmistry confirms it

Endowed with a sixth sense more acute than the average person, you are very special. You can actually feel things more than anyone. The most hypocritical among you may change your mind. Those who deceive you are unmasked before they can finish their sentence… Your intuition is developed and always gives you a head start.

Always in action, you are not afraid to take the initiative, which makes you the main actor in your life. Such behavior inevitably leads to success. You perfectly master patience but also perseverance.

Even when you were young children, it was easy to see the genius within you. You have always shown resourcefulness and ingenuity to achieve your goals. This M is therefore proof by palmistry that you are more cunning and wiser than the average person.

The greats of this world

While risks and obstacles hold back most human beings, they make you even more eager to take action and excel. Courage is another virtue of your personality. You are able to meet challenges and do not miss opportunities. Take advantage of this natural boldness. Palmistry proves it to you

Famous people all over the world, like prophets, rulers and important international representatives are said to have this feature in their hand.


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