Oscars 2022: Michael Bay rants about the media treatment of the slap

Oscars 2022: Michael Bay rants about the media treatment of the slap

The incident dates back a week but continues to cause a stir. During the Oscars 2022, the slap inflicted by Will Smith on Chris Rock marked the ceremony, to the point of eclipsing all the rest of the evening. Internet users and all of Hollywood have commented on the event, but Michael Bay’s opinion on this subject contrasts radically with what we have heard so far.

An endless controversy

After a joke about Jada Smith that went wrong with the main concerned, her husband Will Smith stood up and swung a sudden and unexpected slap in the face to its author, Chris Rock. What was first taken for a happening then quickly turned out to be a real bloodshed on the part of the actor of Men in Black or I’m a legend.

Since then, sanctions, apologies and declarations have multiplied everywhere. On social networks, Will Smith’s act particularly divides Internet users, a good part of them defending the “courageous” act of the former Prince of Bel-Air. The condemnation is already more unanimous on the Hollywood side, although some have begun to show their weariness in the face of this controversy which never ceases to make people talk.

Daniel Radcliffe – and he is not the only one – had for example mentioned his fed up with hearing everyone give their opinion. Director Michael Bay shares this feeling and goes even (much) further.

Michael Bay’s rant

Given the magnitude of the incident in the days that followed, as well as the many comments and developments related to this affair that took place, articles and publications of all kinds on this subject have multiplied. A logical conclusion, for such an unexpected incident and which has already marked the history of the Oscars. But while many continue to follow this case avidly, a general fed up is also felt, and the director Michael Bay has decided to express it frankly, speaking bluntly.

First, you have to start by saying it’s wrong. But people don’t talk about that anymore. And I don’t care. Hollywood is getting too self-centered. There are babies blowing themselves up in Ukraine right now. We should talk about that.

Michael Bay therefore denounces un disproportionate attraction for a subject ultimately quite futile, at least when compared to the war currently raging in Ukraine. Despite everything, the director who worked with Will Smith on bad boys 1 and 2 admits to being surprised at the lack of control shown by the actor.

I worked with him, he’s not that kind of guy. I’ve never seen him lose his temper like that. I thought it was set up, ’cause I’ve seen the smirk before [de Will Smith]and I was on stage when he messed around with people, when he joked with them.

It goes to show that being a director who is often mocked for sometimes overly spectacular action scenes does not prevent him from condemning real violence, in all its forms.


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