Oscars 2022: flash game, wrestling game… Players parody the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Oscars 2022: flash game, wrestling game… Players parody the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Unless you have isolated yourself in the middle of nowhere and without any internet connection in recent days, you could not have missed the incident that marked the Oscars 2022: the altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. An event that continues to make people talk and laugh (or not for that matter). The players also have a sense of humor and have therefore decided to parody this already cult television moment in their own way.

An incident that will mark the history of the Oscars

Well, for those who really haven’t followed this story, a quick recap is in order. On the night of March 27 to 28 stood the 94th Academy Awards, which rewards the best productions and personalities of the film industry. Dunes was named best film, Will Smith won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Williams Method, and all the results are available right here.

However, it was not the Oscar that Will Smith won that marked the spirits that evening, but his – very sudden – altercation with Chris Rock. Present on stage for a sketch in which he plays with personalities present in the audience, the guy has the misfortune to make a bad joke about Will’s wife, Jada, suffering from a disease causing her hair loss. Neither one nor two, the actor gets up and gives a huge slap to the comic.

Despite the apologies that followed, the affair quickly ignited the web.

Our players have talent

You couldn’t escape it: Images of Will Smith slamming Chris Rock have gone viral spawned hundreds of memes in a matter of days. But some inspired gamers have found other ways to parody the American actor’s lunar bloodshot. In this respect, how not to mention this little flash game available for free on a browser?

If you are not a pro gamer but you are curious, know that the proposed experience is very simple: the goal is simply to swing a hand across the screen, towards Chris Rock’s head, as quickly as possible in order to achieve the highest score. If you manage to exceed a certain speed, you will even have the right to trigger music as well as a head ejected from the screen. Crazy evenings with friends in perspective.

For those who want a little more, know that you now have the possibility of settling the dispute between the two men. through a wrestling match, since owners of the video game WWE 2K22 had the good idea to create two Superstars (wrestlers) in the likeness of Will Smith and Chris Rock. Enough to let the fists speak a little more and above all to finally give the poor humorist a chance to defend himself.

The two characters and their different outfits are downloadable through the community sharing features.

And if you want to relive the moment that marked the 94th Academy Awards through the reactions of Internet users, you can do it right here!


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