Oily hair: Our tips to end it!


When the roots of the hair are oily, it is therefore impossible to achieve pretty hairstyles. Do not worry ! There are tips to overcome this hair problem. Read the guide!

Why do we have greasy hair?

Having oily hair generally comes from a disorder of the sebaceous glands. Indeed, they secrete too much sebum. Usually, this lipid film protects the skin. But in other cases, it greases the epidermis, which also gives acne on the body or face.

However, a lack of sebum leads to the phenomenon of dry hair. Result ? Greasy hair shines. Weighed down, they stick to the skull.

Use the ideal shampoo

First measurement! Identify the cause(s) of the disruption. An overproduction of the sebaceous glands is linked to several factors. In particular an unbalanced diet, stress and the use of unsuitable shampoos.

Regarding the shampoo, it is now easy to act quickly. It is therefore enough to opt for an ultra-mild shampoo with a neutral pH.

On the other hand, baby shampoo is not suitable for oily hair. Pay attention to received ideas. All shampoos that have too rich a composition will have a superfatting effect on oily hair.

Wash and dry your hair without attacking it

Before applying the shampoo to the hair, use a little water to dilute it. To cleanse the scalp, massage for a few seconds. This by going up from the neck to the forehead, fingers spread apart so as to exert light circular pressure.

Then rinse your hair thoroughly and finish with a jet of cold water to make it shine. Also, make a habit of washing them in lukewarm water. Hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce sebum.

By the way, the right frequency for washing hair is every 3 or 4 days. It is best to reduce to 2 or 3 days. But especially not every day!

Style your hair gently

To style them morning and evening, avoid combs with tight teeth because they spread the sebum on the rest of the hair. Also, drying them in the cold air helps prevent the hair from getting greasy. Also consider using masks and lotions.

For oily hair, clay masks are a good solution. Clay has a blotting effect. It is therefore advisable to mix it with cider vinegar and a little water to obtain a thick paste. Then apply to the scalp, leaving it to act for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Do you have oily roots and dry ends?

In fact, this case is very common among women who have colored or highlighted hair. Oily hair affects the roots while the ends become dry. During the shampoo, be sure to apply a detangling or moisturizing balm at least 5 centimeters from the top of the skull to let the scalp breathe.

Also, avoid running your hand too often through your hair. This inevitably makes them greasy.


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