Netflix: Thierry Ardisson pushes this big rant against streaming platforms

Netflix: Thierry Ardisson pushes this big rant against streaming platforms

Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+… We won’t teach you anything by telling you that today, streaming platforms are an essential part of the consumption of television content. They constitute increasingly strong competition in the cinema, of course, but also on television itself. An observation that does not really seem to appreciate Thierry Ardisson.

Netflix, Prime Video… unfair competition?

Streaming platforms are often singled out, because they overshadow cinemas and promote “fast-food” consumption of content, as their catalogs are rich. Accusations that we cannot objectively completely deny, but which hold up with difficulty in the face of another strong argument: the price of subscriptions. If these sometimes increase for no real reason, they most often allow, for around ten/fifteen euros, access to thousands of films, series, documentaries, etc.

Difficult, therefore, to resist the temptation. It prevents that platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video tend to annoy the competition. This is also the case for television, which is much less flexible in its schedules and programs. The always very (too?) talkative Thierry Ardisson recently spoke on this subject in the show We redo the TV on RTL. He blames the streaming giants “their lack of curiosity” for concepts moose and does not hide his grudge against Netflix.

“Time Hotel” refused by Netflix. Thierry Ardisson deplores the lack of originality of the platforms’ programs “It’s the mountain that gives birth to a mouse” @OnRefaitLaTele on @RTLFrance

April 16, 2022

Resentful, Thierry Ardisson?

On May 3, Thierry Ardisson will be back at the head of a brand new program called Hotel of time. He is particularly proud of the concept of this one: thanks to a digital technique called “Face Retriever”, he will be able to “converse” with deceased personalities such as Dalida or Coluche. He was also so proud of his concept that he proposed it to Netflix… Who refused it. The platform justified this by referring to the existence of the show My next guest needs no introduction With David Lettermanwith which hotel of time would duplicate.

This refusal was not very well digested by Thierry Ardisson, since he does not hesitate to tackle other emissions which are broadcast on streaming platforms: “They (Prime Video) make the show with Philippe Lacheau” (LOL: who laughs, comes out) which would simply be the equivalent of a “You hold me, I hold you by the goatee that Jean Yanne made 25 years ago, it’s not very new. […] There they do astrology with Nabilla”(Cosmic Love).

Thierry Ardisson is not content to tackle the boyfriends, sincehe also criticizes Netflix for not taking into account the pedigree of the presenters (in this case, himself) who offer them novelties: “You can be anyone: you can be Nagui, to speak of someone who has a lot of audiences every day, they don’t give a damn”.

In short, the former presenter of Everybody talks about it or even of Hello Earthlings! got it bad, but you can always discover his new show hotel of time from Tuesday May 3, 2022 on France 3.


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