Netflix: after The Ritual, this new macabre horror film will give you cold sweats

Netflix: after The Ritual, this new macabre horror film will give you cold sweats

The Netflix platform regularly updates its catalog as you know, including in the horror kind. We invite you today to discover the brand new horror film that the platform has hosted, and which is causing a lot of talk, since the latter has just integrated the top of the most viewed Netflix trends of the moment.

The Netflix Horror Movie That’s Talking About Right Now

The horror movie to discover at the moment is called Usand it was originally released in 2018, before being available (as of recently) for viewing on the Netflix platform. Us is an American horror film written, produced and directed by Jordan Peelereleased in March 2019. The synopsis of this horror movie is as follows: Gabe and Adelaide Wilson travel with their two children to their vacation home to spend time with their friends, the Tylers. But their quiet stay becomes nightmarish when they are terrorized by a bunch of strangers who are none other than their doppelgängers (a kind of malevolent doppelganger).

In terms of casting, there are well-known actors such as Lupita Nyong’o in the role of Adelaide, Winston Duke in the role of Winston, or even Duke Nicholson as Officer Murray. And if you want to know our opinion on the film Usin order to know if the film is worth seeing or not, you can read our review presented below.

What to think of us ?

We saw the movie Uslike many people who have seen get-out, by the same director. In this film, different themes are treated together, and we find the extreme symbolism of Jordan Peele, which makes his mark in his various productions. In this respect, since we are talking about doppelgängers, we necessarily also speak of doubles, of twinningand Jordan Peele uses this common thread to offer an interesting axial construction, as well as many callbacks (including a good number of mirrors, binoculars, etc.). There is also a form of highlighting of violence, with an accumulation of weapons (scissors, embers, clubs, etc.).

Finally, the message carried by the film refers to sociological themes, and to the differences that separate social classes. With quality photography that magnifies Jordan Peele’s postthis film can be enjoyed, but we are still unsatisfied with the final revelation, and above all, with the fact that many elements are not explained. Some will speak of “artistic touch” when others will see a weakness in the writing. On our side, we appreciated the show, even if it is not the GREAT horror movie that we always hope to discover by launching the “Play” button.

And you what do you think ? Do you intend to discover or rediscover the film Us on the Netflix platform ? We let you answer this question via our comments section! And if you are a fan horror moviesyou can still find 10 atypical horror films to find in 2022.


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