Netflix: after Snowpiercer, this post-apocalyptic series will send shivers down your spine

Netflix: after Snowpiercer, this post-apocalyptic series will send shivers down your spine

The hit series on Netflix always look a bit alike. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it must be admitted that post-apocalyptic productions seem to be constantly on the rise. After the film Black Crab which we told you about not long ago, this time we are focusing on a series that is no longer very young, but which is making a strong comeback in the Netflix top 10!

Post-apo and snowy landscapes: the winning combo

On the podium of productions that act as safe bets on streaming platforms, we can easily place comedies, horror films and thrillers. These usually seem to be even more successful when they take place in a post-apocalyptic world. And if it all takes place in an eastern country where the snow is abundant, you get the perfect cocktail.

On Netflix, we can notably cite the case of the recent feature film Black Crab, in which Sandra Bullock and her commando must carry a weapon capable of changing the course of war, all in the middle of a blizzard. This has also been the case for two years with the series Snowpiercer, which is not available on the platform but which allows us to follow the adventures of heroes aboard a train in perpetual motion through a vast frozen expanse, and which is a great success.

If you liked these productions and you were starting to run out of inspiration, we have what you need! The Russian series To the Lake, whose one and only season has been available since 2020 on Netflix, currently succeeds in a spectacular comeback despite its relative seniority and has just joined the top 10 Series on the SVOD platform. The opportunity or never to rediscover the eight episodes of 45 to 55 minutes inspired by the eponymous novel by Yana Vagner, released in 2011.

A series that will appeal to fans of The Walking Dead missing

To the Lake, it is therefore a series from Russia initially released in 2019 on the Premier channel, then the following year on Netflix. So, is it the conflict between Ukraine and Russia that has given new interest to this series, or is it the Covid which is coming back for yet another wave? Because if we dwell on his case, the series produced by 1-2-3 Production was sadly prescient, since we find ourselves there in a post-apo world in which a large part of the population has been decimated by a virus.

The city of Moscow is now deserted, and the few people who are not affected by the mysterious virus are trying to survive somehow, while all resources are dwindling and that the simple fact of eating becomes a real obstacle course. Quickly, the work will remind you of a certain The Walking Dead, since a group of survivors will gradually form in order to try to survive by traveling across the country. But while they have to face extreme living conditions (especially climatic) and humans ready to kill to survive, their greatest challenge lies in the need to remain welded, while many dissensions threaten at any time to explode the small team.

We won’t tell you more about him so as not to offend you, but know that To the Lake is intended to be both epic and intimate and will offer you, for eight episodes, a completely convincing alternative to the American series seen and reviewed on the same theme.


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