Netflix: after Attack on Titan, WIT Studio presents its promising new anime scheduled for 2022

Netflix: after Attack on Titan, WIT Studio presents its promising new anime scheduled for 2022

For a few years now, Netflix has continued to compete hard with platforms specializing in anime like Crunchyroll and Wakanim. The original productions follow one another, as do the exclusives. A considerable strike force for the most popular streaming platform in the world which continues its momentum, with in particular the next work from WIT Studio.

a creation by WIT Studio

Founded in 2012, WIT Studio quickly rose to international fame as the animation studio behind The attack of the Titans. A cult work that has seduced anime lovers and newcomers alike. Its arrival on Netflix has notably allowed many subscribers to learn about this genre from Japan. Since then, Netflix has continued to expand its catalog, even if it means putting their hands in their pockets to secure the tenors of the moment like Demon Slayer.

Outraged The attack of the TitansWIT Studio is also known as the studio behind the anime adaptation of Vinland Saga and Ranking of Kings. Talented artists whose latest production was presented recently. baptized vampire in the gardenthis is an anime that will land on Netflix on May 16th on Netflix. A first trailer has been unveiled, to discover just below.

In vampire in the gardenspectators will be able to discover the history of a world where humanity lost its battle against vampires during a freezing winter. Most of the lands have been lost and Humanity is reduced to a small population of survivors. To protect itself from threats, this small group has erected a wall of light. vampire in the garden follows in the footsteps of Momo, a young girl leading a repressed life who nevertheless wishes to coexist with the enemy. The latter will thus be led to meet Fine, queen of the vampires, a creature who once loved humans and who mysteriously disappeared from the battlefield. It remains to be seen whether the meeting between this young human full of hope and this vampire unlike any other will be able to change the face of the world. Answer on May 16, 2022 on Netflix.

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