Moving: Some tips to save money easily


Moving has a price. So to avoid spending your money unnecessarily, here are some tips for saving money easily. Read the guide!

Date, group move, organized trip… You have to know how to be flexible

It is not always easy to move serenely. Just like when you go on vacation, there are indeed certain periods to avoid when you change your place of residence. Indeed, just like the school vacation periods… Summer is the period during which most people are more inclined to move.

Indeed, the more there are requests, the more the prices increase! So if you can, avoid the months from May to September. That is to say, the high season and the removals during the school holidays. Also, you can turn to group moves.

What are group moves?

In fact, group moves allow small budgets and small volume moves to take advantage of attractive prices. For example, the mover shares his truck for several moves.

Thus, the costs are divided between the different people. Nextories therefore recommends indicating a moving period and not a fixed date to your mover.

From now on, you have to know how to be flexible in terms of dates. So, do not hesitate to talk to your mover to find out if this is possible.

Sorting: the golden rule for saving

Try to part with goods and products that are not essential, outdated or that you no longer like. By thinking of drawing up an inventory of your furniture… This will then make it possible to clarify what you have and to visualize each piece of furniture in your future home.

Moreover, if certain goods do not please you any more, will not go in your future housing… it is therefore time to get rid of them. Resell them, take them to the recycling center or donate them to associations.

Have you sorted your furniture? So it’s time to sort out your stuff too. When sorting, weigh the right questions: Is it in good condition? Do you need it? Do you want to keep it?

Choose the service that suits you and make your boxes yourself

Indeed, there are many moving companies today. In fact, to find the one that suits you the most according to your needs and your budget… Establish a selection of the best offers. So you can find the formula that suits you.

After having studied them, do not hesitate to ask questions by asking how much a formula costs without the option which does not seem necessary to you… In fact, these steps will allow you to find the most suitable mover for your situation. And above all to save some money.

Also, if you can, consider making your own boxes. This saves money because it is one less option in the service.

There are financial aids allocated to moving

Indeed, there are some moving aids. First, check if you are eligible. You are particularly concerned if you have access to APL (housing assistance), if you have at least three children. Here is the list of moving aids:

  • Action Logement offers Mobili-Pass assistance, which offers financial assistance for mobility for professional reasons.
  • CAF and MSA offer a moving bonus
  • Aid for the installation of State personnel is available for civil servants, workers or even State magistrates.
  • Pôle Emploi offers mobility assistance
  • Action Logement offers Loca-Pass assistance. It is “free assistance in the form of a 0% loan to finance all or part of your security deposit”. It is available for people under 30 and you are employed in the private sector.
  • The PFMD (Multi-Movers Platform) system set up to help with moves for people belonging to the Ministry of the Armed Forces.
  • The CNRACL (National Pension Fund for Local Authority Agents) also offers certain assistance if you are retired.


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