Moisture stains: 3 tips for removing them from your walls


When visiting a house or an office, the first thing we look at is the condition of the floor to the ceiling. Damp stains can ruin your life. In this article, the Leenkus editorial staff reveals 3 effective tips against these stains. Let’s go, we tell you everything!

Draw a line on humidity

Today, credit rates are attractive enough to invest in an apartment. However, before taking the plunge or finding the ideal nest, we must inspect its general condition.

In the opinion of all the specialists, including the famous French real estate agent, Stephana Plaza, humidity is at the top of the list of inconveniences.

Renowned as difficult to remove, it also deteriorates your immune system. This is why the Leenkus editorial staff takes matters into their own hands. In this article, we will explain the method to eradicate these horrible stains from your daily life. It’s time to react! You will score points with those around you…

Dishwashing liquid against damp stains

Inside a container filled with water, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid. After rubbing on the damp spots, they will gradually disappear. As weird as that may sound!

Cloth, sponge… all means are good! As you can see, you certainly have the ingredients at home. So start now! The sooner it’s done, the better!

Moisture stains: white vinegar

So if you have a little white vinegar left, use the same basis as the previous recipe. In many articles, Leenkus praises the qualities of white vinegar. Ideal for unclogging pipes or for removing limestone from the washing machine…. From now on, we must always have this product in advance.

That being said, put some elbow grease in your rubbings. Considering the result obtained against stains humidity, you can only welcome the savings made.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Used by dentists, this product is now one of the top practical ingredients for removing wet spots.

More than ever, its many advantages mean that many users recommend it every time. However, be sure to protect your hands and face. Since we’ve gotten used to wearing a mask, all we have to do is invest in a pair of latex gloves. There is something for everyone, disposable or permanent…

How to do ? Get a bottle with a sprayer. For example, the one you use for your plants. Then place a few drops inside and target the area with moisture. After ten long minutes of patience… take out your famous abrasive sponge.

Indeed, the passage of a cloth has the advantage of removing the few remaining impurities. In less than a quarter of an hour, the biggest is gone. The result deserves a look. Fun and practical, the Leemkus editorial surveys are there to make your life easier!

If not, do you have any other tips to never have to suffer this kind of problem again? We look forward to them!


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