Marvel: this theory claims that the Simpsons would be the Guardians of the universe

Marvel: this theory claims that the Simpsons would be the Guardians of the universe

The Simpsons are absolutely everywhere. Even in the Marvel universe. Yes, a recent comic refers to the famous Springfield family, which appears from time to time in the pages of Marvel comics. But a recent theory suggests that these winks could go much further. Some hypotheses indeed suggest that the Simpsons could be the observers of the multiverse. Just that.

The Simpsons in the Marvel Universe

The Simpsons are appeared several times in Marvel comics. Indeed, already in Sensational She-Hulk #33 by John Byrne, Homer and the entire Simpson family can be seen driving their car until they encounter horrific zombies. In Immortal Hulk #32, Bart, Milhouse, Lisa and Kevin are also spotted. Bart even takes the opportunity to go out classic sound “Hay Caramba” when he crosses paths with Xemu, the Hulk’s new enemy.

Thus, this is not the first time that the Simpsons have slipped into the Marvel universe. In Exiles #52, Tony Bedard and Jim Calafiore chronicle the adventures of the Exiles, a group of inter-dimensional beings who travel the multiverse to fix worlds in need of help. In the adventure that interests us, they land on a version of the Earth that has become alive, a bit like Ego. It’s in their quest to fix the Earth they then cross paths with Mr. Burns, Smithers and Homer.

A crazy theory

By dint of seeing the Simpsons appear here and there in the comics, a theory has finally germinated in the minds of readers. Indeed, a recent hypothesis suggests that the Simpsons could be the watchers of the Marvel Multiverse. Stan Lee himself put forward this theory few years ago. Their presence in different universes, and their intervention in Exile #52 are elements that tend to confirm this idea.

The fact that they are present in several universes, the fact that they intervene in the comics Exile to help the Exiles, and especially the fact that they seem to know everything makes them equivalent to the Guardians. Obviously, this theory is a bit far fetched, but enough to make you smile. It would be pretty funny to imagine the Simpsons in the Marvel Universe as omnipotent characters like Uatu the Guardian.


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