Marvel: this clue could confirm the release date of the next series I Am Groot

Marvel: this clue could confirm the release date of the next series I Am Groot

Many are the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu) to look forward to this year 2022, a year during which many original productions are supposed to emerge. At the start of the year, we presented to you these new series who were to land on Disney+and recently it seems that new information may come to confirm the release period of one of these long-awaited series.

a leak caused by funko pop?

Among the latest Disney+ series, including Moon Knight available today on the streaming platform, fans were also able to discover animated adaptations of Marvel superheroes, with for example series What If…? released last year. And while we already knew that the next animated series I Am Groot should arrive on the platform later this year, a recent post related to the project’s merchandising may offer a more specific release window regarding Marvel Studios’ upcoming animated series.

A recent Amazon listing update appears to confirm that the series I Am Groot will be the theme for Funko’s upcoming Marvel Collector Corps Mystery Box. Regarding its release, the various sources estimate that it should be available between May and June 2022, thus suggesting that the series I Am Groot will air on Disney+ later this summer.

And as it reminds comic book, almost all Marvel Collector Corps sets based on a Marvel Studios production have been listed to coincide with the release of the production itself. For example, the July 2021 box set was based on the series What If…?airing on Disney+ in August 2021.

Additionally, the September 2021 box set was based on the film. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringswhich hit theaters the same month, while the November box set, based on The Eternalswas also released the same month. But it sometimes happens that the difference is a little more markedlike this month’s box set, based on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich is scheduled for release in theaters in May 2022.

mcu expansion

And Marvel Studios seems determined to assert its presence throughout the year, with many more projects slated for release in the coming months. Besides the movie Doctor Strange 2fans are also waiting for the series Ms.Marvel and she hulkas well as the movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

I Am Groot from Marvel Studios was first announced in December 2020, variety later describing the project as a series of “Baby Groot-centric animated shorts”. The screenwriter and director of Guardians of the GalaxyJames Gunn, himself confirmed that the series will be animated and that it will air this year, but had not given a more specific release date. Gunn will also lead the special episode titled The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Specialslated to premiere on Disney+ in December 2022.


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