Marvel: Hulk’s true rival will be more powerful than ever in this terrifying new form

Marvel: Hulk's true rival will be more powerful than ever in this terrifying new form

Hulk is the latest series from Marvel Comics that embarks on exploring the multiverse. Aboard his Starship Hulk, the Jade Colossus journeys through the Marvel Multiverse to an alternate Earth where Thunderbolt Ross is President and leads an army of gamma-powered mutants. In this alternate reality, Bruce Banner discovers that his gamma experiment was a success. And in the latest issue, we discover a terrifying new form of the Hulk’s enemy.

After Spider-Hulk, Hulk’s next challenge will be big

Indeed, in previous issues of the comics by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, Bruce Banner managed to find a way to control the Hulk. Now, from his mind, Banner is able to command this new form of Hulk which has become a spaceship called the Starship Hulk. He can increase his rage and use it as fuel.

After leaving Earth-616, Banner discovers an alternate reality in which he never became the Hulk. His gamma project was a success and the US government took over. Under Ross’s orders, the United States got rid of Hulk-like mutant creations. These are called the Abominations.

In Hulk #5, the original Abomination Emil Bronsky is not present. Corn the versions presented there are much worse ! We learn there thata scientist named Reed Richards helped the US government exploit the most powerful Abominations by equipping them with heavy weapons. As you can see below, they seem to have a more formidable force for the Hulk compared to the MCU’s Abomination.

After his confrontation with these Abominations, it is unknown what will become of the Hulk. There is always that the involvement of Ross in the transformation of Blonsky into Abomination in the MCU seems very weak compared to what he has just done with these new versions in the comics. This issue also seems to hint that the Hulk is going to undergo another dark transformation. It’s a safe bet that this horde of Abominations armed to the teeth be Banner’s next challenge in this alternate reality. How angry and angry will the Hulk go? We will have to wait to find out in the next issue.


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