Marvel: here is what other part of his body Wolverine is able to spring his claws from

Marvel: here is what other part of his body Wolverine is able to spring his claws from

Wolverine’s Adamantium claws are his best weapon against his enemies. An integral and emblematic part of the character, they are literally indestructible. While they usually come out of the front of his hands, between the knuckles, that’s not the only way he can use them. He can indeed make them squirt on another part of his body, and it’s not very pretty to see…

Wolverine: the most famous mutant

Created in 1974 by Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita Sr, Wolverine quickly became the most iconic of mutants. Violent and solitary anti-hero, he quickly attracts the interest of readers, who greatly appreciate his excessive violence, and his much darker and more mature appearance than the other X-Men.

In the cinema, the character also meets with enormous success. From 2000 he became the central character of the saga X-Men. For 17 years, comedian Hugh Jackman plays the famous character on screen through both sagas X-Menand its own license Wolverine.

Be careful it cuts

One of Wolverine’s iconic elements are obviously its Adamantium claws. If most of the time they arise between the knuckles of his fingers, it happens, sometimes, that they may spring from another place from his hand. In the 11th issue of the series wolverines by Charles Soule and Ariela Kristantina, released in 2015, which takes place after the death of the original Wolverine, an unexpected event occurs.

The action takes place during a flashback where Wolverine gets drunk on Knowhere spaceport. The issue thus opens with a discussion in which Logan explains that he cannot stay drunk for very long because of his self-regeneration factor. However, while under the influence of many illicit substances, Wolverine tries to get his claws out. This is where the surprise comes in: Wolverine’s claws pop out, without warning, at his wrists, in the manner of Daken. Too stoned by all the substances he inhaled, Wolverine no longer controls his body. And when we have 6 sharp knives in the hands, it can go downhill quickly. The opportunity for readers to discover a rather horrifying visual of Wolverine who no longer masters his claws.


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