Kitchen tip: How to save a dish that is too bitter?


Does your beer sauce, soup or ratatouille show bitterness? Do not worry ! Just add a few ingredients to your dishes to catch up! Discover the tips of the chefs!

So don’t throw anything away!

Some recipes are more complicated than others. You will never get kids to eat fish easily unless you do it right.

Although we add salt or spices… it happens that our preparations do not quite have the desired result. For example, it only takes a few minutes of overcooking to make a sauce bitter. And if you haven’t added the salt at the right time, you also risk being disappointed… As with a recipe that’s too spicy, there are now some brilliant tips for saving a dish that’s too bitter! Follow the leader !

It happens that even if you follow the steps of a recipe to the letter, with cooking, some foods become bitter. So to remove this bitterness, you can add 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda or sugar to the ready-to-serve dish. Indeed, this trick works just as well for a sauce or vegetables.

If you don’t want to add milk or fresh cream to your soup… Know that it is therefore possible to sweeten it by incorporating spices.

Bring curry, turmeric or paprika and your soup will be saved! Also, to sweeten your soup, you can add coconut milk. Good trick, isn’t it?

Tips for correcting the bitterness of a beer sauce like carbonade

Have you prepared a delicious beef stew but the bitter taste of beer comes out in the sauce? Do not panic ! We recommend adding sweeteners to tone it down. Indeed, you can either add sugar or dried fruit. Especially raisins or dates.

Yet another solution! Add mild vegetables such as peppers or pumpkin. However, if nothing is enough, add a few drops of white vinegar.

Kitchen tip: leeks, endives, carrots and many other vegetables can be inedible in some cases! Indeed, to remove their bitterness, the chefs recommend first prolonging their cooking over low heat.

If you cook them in water, replace the cooking water with clean water and then finish cooking. Also, add a little sugar to your cooking water to be sure of success!

Thus, you can anticipate by cutting the vegetables into large pieces and immersing them in a mixture of milk and coarse salt for several hours.

The trick to sweetening a bitter cucumber?

Kitchen tip: often in salads, cucumbers can give off a more or less pronounced bitter taste.

Indeed, to soften it, immerse your vegetable in cold water with sugar for two hours. And as explained above, sugar is an excellent remedy for bitterness because it absorbs it.


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