Is there alcohol at Silver Dollar City?


No alcohol is served or permitted on the park’s premises.

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———————– ——————-
Sunday 1–9PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 1–9PM
Thursday(Christmas Eve) ClosedHoliday hours
Friday(Christmas Day) ClosedHoliday hours
Saturday 12–9PM

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Moreover, Does Silver Dollar City close in winter?

DO NOT GO IN WINTER – Silver Dollar City.

Secondly, Are reservations required for Silver Dollar City?

If I have a Season Pass do I need to make a reservation to visit the park? Silver Dollar City is limiting attendance capacity to meet social distancing standards. Reservations will be required to ensure entry on peak attendance days during November & December as follows: All Saturdays, plus 11/26 & 27, 12/20 –23 & 27).

Simply so, How much does it cost to get into Silver Dollar City?

$62 for adults but Thursday’s are $35 if you go to a local store and buy tickets. Look on the silver dollar city website under current promotions for more details.

What rides are closed at Silver Dollar City?

The operation of the following rides/attractions will be suspended until lightning is no longer present for at least 15 minutes after the last lightning strike as monitored on park radar by our safety specialists: American Plunge, Firehouse Splashyard, Flooded Mine, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, FireFall, The

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Does Silver Dollar City require masks?

Face masks or face coverings are required for all visitors ages 3 and up, with some exceptions. Some of the exceptions where masks are not required are while eating, on water park attractions or select coasters at Silver Dollar City.

What can you bring into Silver Dollar City?

You are welcome to bring snacks, beverages and even small coolers with you into Silver Dollar City. We just ask that you exclude any glass containers or alcoholic beverages. I’m not interested in rides.

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Can you get a refund on Silver Dollar City tickets?

Silver Dollar City & White Water A Group Reservation may be cancelled at any time. Refunds will be paid in the form of original payment within 15 business days of ticket return.

Is Silver Dollar City Open in March?

1 answer. Thanks for your interest in Silver Dollar City! All of our 40 rides & attractions will be open in March, weather permitting. Water rides will close if the temperature drops below 50; ALL rides close if lightning is detected within a 10 mile radius.

Is Silver Dollar City open in December?

WHEN TO GO: Silver Dollar City begins its transformation into a Christmas wonderland at the end of October. It officially opens for the 2020 Christmas season on Sat., Nov. 7 and continues through Dec. 30 (with a special NYE celebration on Dec.

Does Silver Dollar City have a senior discount?

Senior Rate/Discount starts for anyone who turns 65 any time during 2019 season or for those 65 and older.

Can you leave and reenter Silver Dollar City?

Hits From The Hollow is included in your Silver Dollar City admission or season pass. Can I leave the park and return later in the day? Yes. Just be sure to retain your ticket for re-entry.

Are backpacks allowed at Silver Dollar City?

1. You are welcome to bring a backpack into the park. Lockers are located throughout the park, and there are specified areas at each ride where bags and other loose items can be left while you ride. Snacks and beverages are also allowed.

What is Silver Dollar City capacity?

6,000 patrons

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Is there beer at Silver Dollar City?

Yes. You are welcome to bring snacks, beverages and even small coolers with you into Silver Dollar City. We just ask that you exclude any glass containers or alcoholic beverages. Rides & attractions are just part of what the Silver Dollar City experience has to offer.

How many days do you need for Silver Dollar City?

How long should I plan to stay at Silver Dollar City? It depends – there is so much entertainment to experience. We recommend at least one entire day. Two days during our festivals.

Is Silver Dollar City worth the money?

We just got back from Silver Dollar City! The people ( a lot of seniors workers) were so nice with their southern accents it made our day much more enjoyable!! The park is beautiful and is fun for ALL ages!

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