Is Kona ice?


Is Kona ice? Kona Ice is a mobile shaved ice company ,. The company was founded by Tony Lamb in 2007. Lamb is Kona Ice’s CEO. It was named one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States.

Kona Ice.

Type Private
Founded 2007
Founder Tony Lamb

also Does Bahama Bucks hire at 15?

Yes they do hire 15 year olds.

Does Kona Ice have alcohol? No alcohol here, but it’s still delicious!

How much is it to rent a Kona Ice truck?

Kona Ice prices are about $3 to $5 depending on the cup size and location. Since Kona Ice usually doesn’t have a static address of the business, you will have to look on their website to find the truck closest to you.

Kona Ice Prices (Updated: November 2021)

Food Size Price
Birthday Package
Birthday Package 24 Cups $110.00
Each Cup Over 24 1 Cup $2.50

Who created Kona Ice?

Kona Ice CEO, Founder Tony Lamb pivoted amid coronavirus to keep franchisees afloat during their busiest season. When I launched Kona Ice in 2007, I wanted to give families a better ice-cream truck experience after my 3-year-old daughter had an awful encounter with the ice cream man.

What age does Starbucks hire?

Then visit the Starbucks locations that interest you and submit an application. To work for Starbucks you must be at least 16 years old (except for Montana where the minimum age is 14 years old). Retail positions you can apply at Starbucks are Baristas and Shift Supervisors.

How old do you have to be to work at Bath and Body Works?

You have to be at least 18 to work at Bath and Body Works. To work for bath and body you need to be 18 years old.

How old do you have to be to work at Walmart?

As a minimum age requirement, you must be at least 16 years old to work at Walmart and 18 at Sam’s Club.

What flavor is tiger blood?

Tiger’s Blood is the perfect combination of watermelon and strawberry with a hint of coconut. Trust the professionals at Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

What is moonflower flavor?

From “Watermelon Mint” and “Aprium Rose Sangria” to “Bourbon Black Cherry Vanilla” and their new flavor, “Moon Flower,” which tasted like a combination of berries, grapes, and had a floral aroma, it was so so delicious and smooth! My favorite hands down!

What is Godzilla snow cone flavor?

CUSTOM snow cones! The thing that makes Kona Ice special is the Flavor Wave. … actually a New Orleans style combination of strawberry and coconut), Quintin’s Mix (named for the owner’s son) a suicide combination of all flavors, Godzilla combining the tropical fruits, or Root Beer, Pina Colada, and more!

How do I get Kona ice to come to my neighborhood?

To Request The Kona Ice Truck

  1. Text Austin (614)-586-6999.
  2. Give him your address, requested date and time, as well as how many orders you plan to have.
  3. He will text you back a confirmation.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your delicious treat. Of course, be sure to order one for yourself as well.

How much do Kona Ice trucks make?

On average, Kona Ice franchises draw in $94,868 annually. This, of course, will vary based on your business expertise and commitment to marketing your brand. It must also be considered that your sales will vary based on the season.

Can you buy Kona Ice Syrup?

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup , Pints 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 10)

What does the word Kona mean?

Kona Origin and Meaning

Kona is strongly associated with the Kona coffee of Hawaii. The Hawaiian word kona means “leeward” or “dry side of the island,” and Kona districts are where Kona coffee is grown. It’s a unisex name in Hawaii, with an appealing simple, strong sound.

What is Kona Shaved ice?

We’re a one-of-a-kind, gourmet shaved ice experience. We’re mobile. We’re fun. We’re stocked with the most delicious flavors you’ve ever tasted.

Can a 11 year old work at McDonald’s?

Depending on each store’s policy, the minimum age to work at McDonald’s is 14 years old but what jobs teenagers can apply at McDonald’s? Crew members are divided into Kitchen Crew, Counter Crew, and Maintenance Crew. Minimum age is generally 14 years old.

What can I work as at 14?

What sort of work can 14 and 15-year-olds do?

  • Barista.
  • Busser.
  • Caddy.
  • Cashier.
  • Dog walker.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Grocery bagger.
  • Host/hostess.

Where can you get a job at 14?

Companies That Have Jobs For 14 & 15 Year-Olds

  • Baskin Robbins. If you love cake and ice cream, Baskin Robbins might be a good fit. …
  • Chick-fil-A. With more than 2,000 stores across the US, Chick-fil-A may have an opportunity for you. …
  • McDonald’s. …
  • Kroger. …
  • Safeway. …
  • Taco Bell. …
  • U-Haul.

What age does pink hire?

The people who can be hired at PINK need to be above 18 years of age.

What age does Claires hire?

You must be 16 years of age or older to be eligible for hire as Sales Associate at Claire’s.

How old do you have to be to work at McDonald’s?

What is the minimum age policy at McDonald’s? To ensure McDonald’s restaurants provide a work environment that supports the academic commitments of young people, and to ensure the safety of our employees, we apply a minimum age policy of 14 years except where more stringent legislative restrictions apply.

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