Is it safe to order from iHerb?


Bottom Line: Is iHerb Legit? Yes, iHerb is a legitimate business and it is safe to buy supplements from them.

Regarding this, Is iHerb a legit website Reddit? Check out the reviews here. 81% of 351 gave it a 1/5 stars. I got hit with the scam where you pay expensive postage, then later are asked by DHL to pay import duty of £19 which is around the same price as my order.

Why is iHerb cheap? So why is iHerb so cheap? iHerb is prepared to ship at a loss to generate income. And because the items they typically ship are quite light, they can be shipped very inexpensively. The price of vitamins is marked up a bit, so the company can afford to lose a little money on the postage, – hence, the low prices.

Is iHerb good quality? iHerb has an overall Product Quality score of 3.8 out of 5 stars rated by its users and customers. Sign Up to unlock iHerb’s overall Product Quality score rated by its users and customers.

Beside above, How genuine is iHerb?

And the answer is yes! The company has been on the market for more than 20 years and has millions of satisfied customers around the globe. Over the past two decades, iHerb has grown to be an extremely large e-commerce platform, and you can be confident that it is not a scam but a perfectly legitimate site.

Is iHerb legit Singapore?

It is an international brand with a strong brand presence based on word of mouth as well as a generous trial and return policy. As of the end of 2020, iHerb has over 30,000 products on its e-commerce store and boasts over 4.5 million customer reviews.

Who is the owner of iHerb? iHerb was founded in 1996 and its current CEO is Ray Faraee .

CEO & Founding Date.

Headquarter Moreno Valley, CA United States of America
Founding Date 1996
Company Status Private

Where does iHerb ship from? All iHerb orders are shipped directly from our warehouses in the US located in California, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania and one in South Korea.

Is it safe to buy vitamins online?

The unfortunate truth about most of the supplements you may find online, or on grocery and drugstore shelves is that they are not required to go through the same FDA testing for safety and effectiveness as prescription drugs. In fact, the FDA only tests 1% of the 65,000 dietary supplements that are on the market.

How long does iHerb take to ship to Singapore? Customers may have to show ID prior to receiving the order. Typical delivery time is 5-7 business days from the shipping date.

Is iHerb a marketplace?

Two of iHerb’s customer-facing leaders sat down with Built In LA and told us about the natural product market, customer delight, employee success, how to scale and so much more. WHAT THEY DO: iHerb is an e-commerce site that sells over 30,000 kinds of natural products to a global customer base at competitive prices.

What is better than iHerb? The 10 Biggest Competitors

Site Category rank
1 #193
2 #1
3 #2
4 #6

How does iHerb make money?

Three ways to earn iHerb Rewards now include:

  1. Referrals. Give 5% & Get $5: Help others save more while earning $5 Rewards Credit for every referral purchase, whether they are new or returning customers. …
  2. Reviews. Earn up to $101 in Rewards Credit for every eligible, honest, and helpful review. …
  3. Answers.

How do I track my iHerb order?

For tracking iHerb, enter the tracking number and click Track! button. provide real-time details of your iHerb package.

Do I have to pay customs for iHerb? The Estimated Delivery window provided by iHerb reflects the most standard delivery. … All duties, taxes, and import fees are pre-collected at the time of checkout to expedite Customs Clearance; no further payments are required at the time of delivery.

How long is iHerb delivery? Free Shipping for domestic and selected countries

Country Min. Order Delivery time
China US$40-$60 10-15 days
Japan US$60 3-5 Days
Korea US$60 4-7 Days
Singapore US$60 4-8 Days

• 25 sep. 2014

How do you know if supplements are fake?

“If a supplement is labeled ‘repackaged’ or ‘opened’ instead of ‘new,’ that’s a huge warning sign,” Pircz says. Then, look at the images of the product package itself. “You should see a ‘lot number’ (which batch the supplement came from), an expiration date, and contact information for the company,” Tanzer says.

Where is the safest place to buy supplements? These Are The Best Places To Buy Vitamins Online (2020)

  • A1 Supplements.
  • Amazon.
  • BodyBuilding.
  • eVitamins.
  • GNC.
  • iHerb.
  • LuckyVitamin.
  • My Supplement Store.

Are vitamins FDA approved?

Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, not as drugs. … Products containing hidden drugs are also sometimes falsely marketed as dietary supplements, putting consumers at even greater risk. For these reasons, it is important to consult with a health care professional before using any dietary supplement.

Where does iHerb Singapore ship from? iHerb is a US company serving customers worldwide since 1996 and ships to over 185 different countries! All iHerb orders are shipped directly from our warehouses in the US located in California, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania and one in South Korea.

Does iHerb have a warehouse in Singapore?

As of March 2021, the majority of our orders going to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore are processed from our South Korea and Hong Kong warehouses. All products at these two warehouses are fulfilled directly from our main hub in Southern California.

How much is free shipping on iHerb Singapore? Yes, iHerb ships to Singapore, along with 150 other international locations. Shipping is often free for orders over $20 USD.

Is iHerb a Chinese company? iHerb is a US company serving customers worldwide since 1996 and ships to over 185 different countries!

Is iHerb a Russian company? iHerb company was established in 1996. Today this is a global e-commerce store that specializes in health, beauty and also eco-friendly goods. The assortment of iHerb exceeds 30,000 curated goods from 1,200 producers from the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and France. … Russia is one of the leading countries for iHerb.

Can I sell my product on iHerb?

Allow iHerb to sell in all 185+ countries we ship to and reach our 11MM active customers. By doing so, you are not only growing your sales but also expanding your brand’s awareness to reach households around the world. iHerb advertises in all markets we sell to.

Where is vitacost shipped from? On September 23, 2009, Vitacost went public. During 2010, the company expanded and upgraded its West Coast distribution facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How is vitacost so cheap? Vitacost pricing:

Wait, how is Vitacost so cheap? … Part of the reason is Vitacost’s Set & Save deal, which allows customers to receive a discount if they commit to purchasing products regularly.

Do you have to be a member of vitacost?

Vitacost has no membership fee. However, Thrive has some awesome prices and gives freebies so it may save you quite a bit of money.

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