Is Denny’s healthy?


Is Denny’s healthy? Let’s be real — the No. 1 reason you come to Denny’s is for their slams, but eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns all on one plate definitely packs on the calories. Luckily, there’s a healthier option: the Fit Slam. At 390 calories, the egg white, bacon, english muffin, and fresh fruit combo is a total grand slam.

also How many calories in a veggie omelette from Denny’s?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 450 (1883 kJ)
Saturated Fat 11 g 55%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 740 mg 247%
Sodium 600 mg 25%

Which is better Denny’s or IHOP? To find out, I went to both Denny’s and IHOP and ordered very similar meals. I tried the pancakes, french toast, breakfast platters, omelettes, and breakfast specialties at both restaurants. … It turns out IHOP is better than Denny’s in every single way.

Does Denny’s have a secret menu?

But did you know that Denny’s also offers a few secret menu items? They totally do. The trick is to learn exactly what they are (and how to ask for them so your server’s mind isn’t blown). If you want to play it safe with Moons Over My Hammy as a late night treat, then by all means, do.

What’s the best food at Denny’s?

The Best and Worst Menu Items at Denny’s

  • Best: Fit Slam.
  • Worst: Lumberjack Slam.
  • Best: Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast.
  • Best: Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast.
  • Worst: Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast.
  • Worst: Dulce De Leche Crunch Pancake Breakfast.
  • Best: Loaded Veggie Omelette With Hash Browns.

How many calories are in a Denny’s All American Slam breakfast?

Choose Your Bread or Pancakes

Calories 490 Calories From Fat 350
Cholesterol 765
Sodium 780
Total Carbohydrates 2 Fiber 0
Protein 31

What is in Denny’s veggie omelette?

Three-egg omelette with fresh spinach, mushrooms, sautéed zucchini and squash, diced tomatoes and melted Swiss cheese. Served with hash browns and choice of bread.

How many calories are in a Denny’s ultimate omelette?

Customize Your Omelette (Optional)

Calories 650 Calories From Fat 480
Total Fat 54 Saturated Fat 18
Cholesterol 765
Sodium 1200
Total Carbohydrates 5 Fiber 1

What is Grand Slam breakfast?

If you need a refresher, a Grand Slam comes with your choice of four items from a list of pretty much every breakfast item you can think of, including pancakes, bacon, biscuits, eggs, ham, grits, oatmeal, sausage, and fruit.

Does IHOP put pancake batter in their eggs?

By adding a small amount of pancake batter to its eggs, IHOP accomplishes a few things: One, it adds some structure to the eggs, making them a little more sturdy and filling. Two, the extra moisture leads to a fluffier overall product. And three, it adds just the slightest amount of tasty pancake flavor to the mix.

Who owns IHOP?

IHOP restaurants are franchised and operated by Glendale, California-based International House of Pancakes, LLC and its affiliates. International House of Pancakes, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dine Brands Global (NYSE: DIN).

Does Denny’s still have Super Slam?

The Denny’s Super Slam returns for $6.99. The Super Slam comes with two eggs, two bacon strips, two sausage links, two buttermilk pancakes and a side of hash browns. … Denny’s posted the deal on Facebook.

Does Denny’s have Waffle Slam?

Belgian Waffle Slam ®

A golden waffle served with two eggs*, two beef bacon strips and two sausage links.

How much is the Build Your Own Grand Slam?

The standard, pre-built Build Your Own Grand Slam features two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips and two sausage links for $10.99 (prices may vary).

Does All American Slam come with pancakes?


Two fluffy pumpkin pancakes topped with pumpkin cream. Served with two eggs and hash browns, plus your choice of two strips of bacon or two sausage links.

What is Build Your Own Grand Slam?

One of Denny’s signature breakfast entrees, the Build Your Own Grand Slam includes a choice of four items for a fully customizable breakfast with more than 10 choices — such as fluffy buttermilk pancakes, eggs cooked to order, bacon strips, buttermilk biscuits and hash browns.

What is Dennys famous for?

Denny’s has always been best known for its breakfast items (especially the build-your-own Grand Slam), including items like peanut butter cup pancakes; steak and eggs; and the ham, egg, and cheese Moons Over My Hammy breakfast sandwich.

What comes in the All American Slam at Dennys?

Three scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, bacon strips, sausage links, hash browns and choice of bread.

What do breakfast sluggers come with automatically?

Two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs*, two beef bacon strips and two sausage links.

Is Denny’s vegetarian?

Denny’s serves large plates of vegan-friendly hash browns that go perfectly with your eggless breakfast skillets or just on their own. Order a plate with a side of applesauce for a sweet treat. Offering several vegan-friendly meals, Denny’s is an option for everyone.

What goes well with omelettes?

What To Serve With An Omelette: 13 Sides

  • Pan fried spinach and mushrooms. Spinach is packed with iron and vitamin C, and mushrooms are high in fibre, protein, and antioxidants. …
  • Baked beans. …
  • Veggie crudités. …
  • A leafy green side salad. …
  • Peas and sweetcorn. …
  • Hash browns. …
  • Cold cuts of meat. …
  • Raspberries and honey.

How much is the Wild West omelette at Denny’s?

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $9.19. The Wild West Omelette is big eatin’ and not just for mornings. The cook folds this 3-egg omelette like a taco stuffed with all the goodies, plus some of this ‘n’ that on top.

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