Is an Esophagram painful?

  1. The X-ray used in this procedure is known as fluoroscopy.
  2. It allows the radiologist to see your internal organs in motion by tracking the flow of the barium solution through your intestinal tract.
  3. The test doesn’t require painkillers or sedation, but there may be moments of slight discomfort.

Thus, Are you awake for a barium swallow? You will need to stop eating and drinking for about 8 hours before the swallowing test. Generally, this means after midnight. Tell your provider if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant before scheduling a barium swallow test.

Additionally What is the difference between a barium swallow and an Esophagram? The esophagram or barium swallow is a test whereby a patient is instructed to drink a barium sulfate compound that enables the radiologist to study the function and appearance of the esophagus and assess the swallowing process.

Can I drive after a barium swallow test? You should not drive immediately after the procedure because some of the drugs can affect vision. You may feel a bit ill after the procedure and can be quite constipated for several days. You should drink lots of fluid and eat lots of fruit to minimise the constipation.

How do you feel after barium swallow? Patients may feel nauseous after a barium swallow test or become constipated. Drinking lots of fluids can help to relieve constipation. Symptoms of nausea should improve as the barium passes through the system.

Can I drive home after an Esophagram?

After the procedure you can normally go home promptly and resume normal activities and diet. You should not drive immediately after the procedure because some of the drugs can affect vision. You may feel a bit ill after the procedure and can be quite constipated for several days.

Can you drive yourself home after a barium swallow?

Arrange a ride home. Ask a family member or friend to drive you home after your surgery or procedure. Do not drive yourself home. Ask your healthcare provider if you need to stop using aspirin or any other prescribed or over-the-counter medicine before your procedure or surgery.

What if I can’t drink all the barium?

When a patient can’t drink all the oral contrast due to the taste or texture or drink it in the recommended time frame imaging staff may try to coax/coach the patient to finish drinking. However, prolonged drinking times may disrupt the schedule as well as result in images that are suboptimal.

What should you not do before a barium swallow?

People who are undergoing a barium swallow should not eat or drink for a few hours before the test. In some cases, the doctor may ask the person to stop taking medication before the test. Some hospitals recommend not chewing gum, eating mints, or smoking cigarettes after midnight the night before a barium swallow test.

Can you brush your teeth before an Esophagram?

Do not eat or drink anything, including chewing gum, for eight to 12 hours before the exam – so your stomach and upper digestive tract are completely empty. You may brush your teeth but avoid swallowing any water.

How fast do you have to drink barium?

Instructions for taking Oral Contrast (Barium Sulfate) Begin drinking the contrast one and a half hours before your scheduled exam time. Drink one-third of a bottle every fifteen minutes. Save the last third and bring it with you to your appointment.

What does a barium swallow taste like?

You will swallow a drink that contains barium. The drink is thick and chalky. It’s usually flavored with chocolate or strawberry to make it easier to swallow. While you swallow, the radiologist will watch images of the barium traveling down your throat to your upper GI tract.

Does drinking barium make you poop?

Barium may cause constipation or impacted stool after the procedure if it isn’t completely cleared from your body. You may be told to drink plenty of fluids and eat foods high in fiber to help the rest of the barium leave your body. You may also be given a laxative to help with this.


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