Is ambivalent a noun or adjective?


adjective. having mixed feelings about someone or something; being unable to choose between two (usually opposing) courses of action: The whole family was ambivalent about the move to the suburbs.

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Beside this, Is unapproachable a noun or adjective?

adjective. not capable of being approached; remote; unreachable: an unapproachable spot; an unapproachable person.

Likewise, How do you use nebulous in a sentence?

– After the car accident, his memories were quite nebulous. …
– Scientists are not certain why nebulous gas balls rotate around the planet. …
– It was not difficult to realize her answer to the question was nebulous. …
– Beauty is a nebulous term until it is defined by the beholder.

Also, What is a tenuous situation?

Tips: Tenuous is commonly used to describe a weak argument or idea with shaky support. Tenuous is also used to describe a situation that is fragile and could break at any moment. In general, tenuous refers to anything week or flimsy that could easily come undone: tenuous construction, tenuous argument, a tenuous grip.

Is interwoven an adjective?

Hold hands with someone you love, and your fingers may be interwoven. Figuratively, two things like excitement and fear might also be interwoven, or linked together. This adjective uses the prefix inter-, “between or among,” and the past participle of weave.

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Is resourceful an adjective or adverb?

adjective. able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc.

Is Pitiful a noun or adjective?

adjective. evoking or deserving pity: a pitiful fate. evoking or deserving contempt by smallness, poor quality, etc.: pitiful attempts.

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What is the antonym of neophyte?

A neophyte is a new convert, not yet fully indoctrinated, or not admitted to full privileges. The antonyms apostate, pervert, and renegade are condemnatory names applied to the convert by those whose faith he forsakes.

What is a dismal situation?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdis‧mal /ˈdɪzməl/ ●○○ adjective 1 if a situation or a place is dismal, it is so bad that it makes you feel very unhappy and hopeless The future looks pretty dismal right now.

Is Spectacular a noun or adjective?

Spectacular is both a noun and an adjective. The noun spectacular refers to a big, beautiful production, like a play or musical performance that has a huge cast and many dance numbers.

What is the best synonym for tenuous?

– delicate.
– dubious.
– flimsy.
– insubstantial.
– nebulous.
– questionable.
– shaky.
– sketchy.

Is show a noun or adjective?

show (verb) show (noun) show–and–tell (noun) showing (noun) shown.

Is pitiful an adverb?

In a pitiable manner.

Is lazily an adverb or adjective?

lazily -​zə-​lē adverb We walked lazily down the path.

What is adjective of pity?

Pitiable and pitiful are the normal adjectives related to the noun “pity” and describe things, events, or situations that evoke or cause pity.

Is ephemeral a noun or verb?

Noun. Something which lasts for a short period of time.

Is these a noun?

This and these are demonstratives, which means they indicate a specific noun in a sentence. The two words are similar because they refer to nouns that are near in space and time. This is used with singular or uncountable nouns (i.e. this egg or this music). These refers to plural nouns (i.e. these cookies).

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