How tall is Josh Lewis?


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He is 5’10” (178cm).

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Moreover, How old is Josh Lewis?

19 yearsDecember 3, 2001

Secondly, How old is Rosie Lewis?

21 yearsSeptember 1, 1999

Simply so, How much money does Wroetoshaw make?

He uploads 1-2 videos per week and in a day his videos in the channel get an average of 1.1 million views. This in turn generates an estimated revenue of around $5,500 per day ($2 million a year) just from the ads that appear on the videos.

How old is Josh w2s?

Josh Lewis (born December 3, 2001 (2001-12-03) [age 19]) is a YouTuber and the younger brother of Harry and Rosie Lewis.

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Is Wroetoshaw single?

The young and talented English YouTuber and Game Commentator, Wroetoshaw is currently an unmarried personality as he has not been in any marital relationship with a woman.

Is Harry Lewis single?

She is not dating anyone currently. Harry has been described by Ethan and Simon as very “kid-like” and having a “lack of care for the world”. Rosie Lewis’s birth sign is Virgo and she has a ruling planet of Mercury. Harry is one of the seven members of the Sidemen.

How much money does vikkstar123 make?

Vikkstar123 Net Worth – $7 Million He is part of a group of friends called the Sidemen who are also YouTubers.

What football team does Harry Lewis support?

Chelsea Football Club

How old is Wroetoshaw?

24 yearsNovember 24, 1996

What height is w2s?

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm) English YouTube personality, who has 13 million subscribers and over 3 billion views on his channel. At 17 he said he was “like 5’10/11” and in 2018 “5’10”.

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Is Harry Lewis in a relationship?

In 2017, Harry bought a dog named Herb who originally lived with him, Calfreezy and Callux in the Stratfort Halo Tower but now lives in Guernsey with Harry’s parents. He has been in a long-term relationship with Katie Leach since at least 2014.

What football team does vikkstar123 support?

Sideman Club
———– ————————
KSI Arsenal F.C.
Behzinga West Ham United
Vikkstar123 Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
W2S Chelsea F.C.

Is w2s a Millionaire?

As of 2020, The estimated net worth of W2S is more than $6.5 million. He has made this net worth at a very young age from his career as a YouTuber. His net worth is very high at this age and he is a self-made millionaire.

How much is Wroetoshaw net worth?

Wroetoshaw (W2S) Net Worth – $13 Million Harry Lewis is the guy popularly known as Wroetoshow or W2S who has made most of his net worth of $13 million from YouTube. He is a gamer who mostly does commentaries on FIFA.

How tall is Simon Minter?

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

What is Wroetoshaw real name?

Harry Christopher George Lewis

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