How much money can you make selling shaved ice?


How much money can you make selling shaved ice? Sales for a typical shaved ice or snow cone business will average around $100 to $2,000 a day but it all hinges on a number of factors including location, competition, length of your season and business history.

also Can you buy Kona Ice Syrup?

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup , Pints 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 10)

What is the difference between a snow cone and shaved ice? The answer is simple really. Snow Cones have larger granules of ice than shaved ice. Shaved ice is more comparable to snow, and is very fine, light, and fluffy whereas Snow Cones have larger pieces of ice.

How much does a pelican’s SnoBalls franchise cost?

How much does a Pelican’s SnoBalls franchise cost? Pelican’s SnoBalls has a franchise fee of up to $20,000, with a total initial investment range of $61,150 to $195,300.

Who owns Kona ice?

Tony Lamb – Founder and CEO – Kona Ice | LinkedIn.

What flavor is Tiger’s blood Kona Ice?

Tiger’s Blood is the perfect combination of watermelon and strawberry with a hint of coconut. Trust the professionals at Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

What is Kona Shaved Ice?

We’re a one-of-a-kind, gourmet shaved ice experience. We’re mobile. We’re fun. We’re stocked with the most delicious flavors you’ve ever tasted.

Does Kona Ice have alcohol?

No alcohol here, but it’s still delicious!

Why is shaved ice so expensive?

With shave ice, the ice is shaved to order and made much thinner, making it a more labor and cost intensive process. This is a big reason why shave ice shops need to charge more.

What is Tigers Blood flavor?

Tiger’s Blood is the perfect combination of watermelon and strawberry with a hint of coconut. Trust the professionals at Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

What ice shaver does Kona ice use?

This S900A Shaved Ice Machine by Hawaiian Shaved is the perfect home-use appliance to make shaved ice, snow cones, snowballs, slushies, margaritas, and much more. This shave ice maker is fun and easy to use.

What is Tiger’s blood made out of?

What is it? Despite what you may think, no tigers were harmed to produce this syrup! Tiger’s blood is a delicious combination of sweet watermelon, strawberry flavoring and a hint of coconut. Tiger’s blood shaved ice is often served at concession stands and ice cream trucks all across the world.

How do I start a shaved ice business?

How To Start A Profitable Snow Cone Business In 5 Steps

  1. The Snow Cone Opportunity.
  2. Step 1: Name Your Snow Cone Business.
  3. Step 2: Come Up With A Basic Business Plan.
  4. Step 3: Form A Business Entity And Obtain Permits.
  5. Step 4: Purchase Necessary Equipment.
  6. Step 5: Secure Your Locations And Events.

How much does it cost to buy a Pelicans?

The initial investment range noted in the Franchise Disclosure Document is $61,150-$195,300. Does Pelican’s SnoBalls offer financing options?

Where is Kona ice from?

Kona Ice was started in Northern Kentucky in 2007. Our boss thought, “Hey, people don’t sell shaved ice off of trucks. Also, ice cream trucks are creepy. What if we sold shaved ice off of a truck that was super fun and inviting?” And thus, Kona Ice was born.

What makes Kona Ice special?

Kona Ice shaved ice contains 60 percent less sugar than regular sugar water snow cones and can be made of 100 percent fruit juice in participating locations.

How do you make Kona Ice?

What flavor is Bahama Mama?

Bahama Mama syrup has a beautiful red color. The taste combines coconut and pineapple with a hint of orange and cherry, into a festive flavor.

What flavor is firehouse?

Firehouse (Hot Cinnamon)

What flavor is polar punch?

Item Description. Send your taste buds on an arctic plunge with polar punch snow cone syrup from Hawaiian Shaved Ice. This cool neon blue flavor has a delicious punch flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Godzilla snow cone flavor?

CUSTOM snow cones! The thing that makes Kona Ice special is the Flavor Wave. … actually a New Orleans style combination of strawberry and coconut), Quintin’s Mix (named for the owner’s son) a suicide combination of all flavors, Godzilla combining the tropical fruits, or Root Beer, Pina Colada, and more!

How do I get Kona Ice to come to my neighborhood?

To Request The Kona Ice Truck

  1. Text Austin (614)-586-6999.
  2. Give him your address, requested date and time, as well as how many orders you plan to have.
  3. He will text you back a confirmation.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your delicious treat. Of course, be sure to order one for yourself as well.

Does Kona Ice use dyes?

Kona Ice Ingredients: Ice, Pure Cane Sugar, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Citric Acid. While dyes are used to give the color, many dye-free flavors are available by request. We also have sugar-free flavors availalble. … You can find the truck info by going to and putting in the zip code where you live.

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