How much is KFC 10 bucket?


How much is KFC 10 bucket? If you wanted to get the same amount of chicken in store, you would have to opt for the ten-piece bargain bucket, which is priced from £15.99 and includes 10 pieces of meat and four portions of fries.

also How much is a 6 piece Family Feast KFC?

KFC UK Menu Prices

Food Price
14 Pieces £16.99
Family Feast (All include 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle)
6 Pieces £13.99
10 Pieces £15.99

What is in a 20 dollar fill up? The Fill Up includes your choice of their 8-piece Original Recipe Chicken, 8-piece Extra Crispy Chicken, or the 12-piece Chicken Extra Crispy Tenders. Each meal comes complete with a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy! Valid for a limited time only.

What is in a 10 piece family feast?

Ten pieces of Original Recipe chicken, plus four regular fries, two large sides and a large bottle of drink. A feast fit for the hungriest family.

How much is KFC family bucket?

If you are searching for KFC Prices, KFC Menu, KFC UK, 2021 Prices and/or Kentucky Fried Chicken Price List you have come to the right place.

KFC Prices UK 2021.

KFC Prices UK 2021
KFC Sharing Buckets
Family Feast – 6 Pieces 13.99
Family Feast – 10 Pieces 16.99
Dipping Boneless Feast – 8 Mini Fillets Dips Bar 15.99

How much does a 14 piece party bucket cost?

KFC Prices UK 2021

KFC Prices UK 2021
Party Bucket 25.99
Bargain Bucket – 6 Pieces 11.99
Bargain Bucket – 10 Pieces 14.99
Bargain Bucket – 14 Pieces 17.99

What deals do KFC have right now?

Australia’s all time favourite deal – 9 for $9.95 @ KFC on Tuesdays.

Here’s what you’ll get for $11.95:

  • 2 Baked Sliders.
  • 1 Piece Original Chicken.
  • 1 Snack Popcorn.
  • 1 Regular Chips.
  • 1 Regular Potato & Gravy.
  • 1 Regular Drink.

How do I get a KFC deal?


  1. Exclusive offers from day 1. Looking for great offers? …
  2. Scan more get more. Scan your app and collect a stamp with every purchase over £3 or two stamps when you spend £15 or over. …
  3. free snack for signing up. If you register through the KFC app you will get 3 stamps right away.

How much is a 20 piece bucket at KFC?

Find out the cost of items on the KFC menu.

Food Item Price
16 Piece Meal Chicken Only $24.99
16 Piece Meal with 4 large sides and 8 Biscuits $36.99
20 Piece Meal Chicken Only $28.99
20 Piece Meal with 5 large sides and 10 Biscuits $42.99

How many pieces of chicken are in a $20 fill up at KFC?

Basically: here at KFC we support people who eat food. So if you like food, my Family Fill Up happens to be a great way to feed 4 people with 8 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 2 large mashed potatoes, 1 large gravy, 1 cole slaw and 4 biscuits for only $20.

How much is a 10 piece meal?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) 10 Pc. $4.49
Chicken McNuggets – Meal (Regular or Spicy) 10 Pc. $6.49
Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) 20 Pc. $5.00
Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) 40 Pc. $8.99

What comes in a KFC 8 piece meal?

8 pieces of our freshly prepared chicken, available in Original Recipe or Extra Crispy, 1 large mashed potatoes & gravy, 1 large mashed potatoes, 1 large cole slaw, and 4 biscuits.

How much is a 15 piece bucket at KFC?

KFC Menu Prices

Menu Item Price (R)
9 Piece Chicken Bucket 122.90
15 Piece Chicken Bucket 199.90
21 Piece Chicken Bucket 264.90
4 Dunked Wings 29.90

• Oct 26, 2021

How much is a 10 piece family feast at Kentucky?

The $30 10-Piece Feast gets you:

10 pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken or Extra Crispy Bone-In Chicken.

What’s the biggest bucket of chicken at KFC?

16 pc Chicken Bucket – Standard | KFC.

How much is a KFC chicken bucket?

KFC Menu Prices in Australia

Menu Item Price
Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken $3,95
Go Bucket 1 Original Tender $3,95
Go Bucket 2 Wicked Wings $3,95
Go Bucket 3 Nuggets $3,95

• Jan 27, 2019

Do KFC still do Krushems 2021?

2021. Participating restaurants only. Subject to availability. The Krushem will only be available in three standard flavours and will not be available in all stores, find a breakdown of all the stores involved with the deal here.

What’s in the $8 KFC bucket?


  • $8 Buckette (5 Pcs Original Recipe) $8.00 | 4489kJ.
  • $8 Buckette (8 Wicked Wings) $8.00 | 4415kJ.
  • $8 Buckette (10 Original Recipe Tenders) $8.00 | 3804kJ.
  • $8 Buckette (18 Nuggets + 3 Dipping Sauces) $8.00 | 4405kJ.
  • 1 Piece of Chicken. $3.00 | 898kJ.
  • 6 Pieces of Chicken. …
  • 21 Pieces of Chicken. …
  • Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo.

What’s the best deal at KFC?

The $5 Fill Up is one of the most popular KFC menu specials, showcasing five fan favorites, sides, and desserts for just five dollars. This KFC menu special currently offers a $5 Fill Up with Drumstick & Thigh, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Breast, Famous Bowl, and Pot Pie.

What are the $5 specials at KFC?

What’s in the KFC $5 Fill Up?

  • Drumstick & Thigh. This $5 Fill Up includes two tasty pieces of fried chicken (thigh and drumstick) with larger mashed potatoes, a cookie, a biscuit, and a medium-sized drink.
  • Extra Crispy™ Tenders. …
  • Chicken Breast.

What is the KFC Big Deal?


The ultimate combo of classics with the introduction of our WOW Box Big Deal. Feast on a succulent Fillet burger with 1 piece of Original Recipe chicken and regular fries.

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