How much is Benihana for 2?


How much is Benihana for 2? But the Benihana menu prices are a little bit expensive than a normal food eatery. You can get a decent meal at Benihana for around $15. So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Benihana menu with prices.

Benihana Family Meals.

Benihana Family Meals Steak & Chicken
For 2 $46.00
For 4 $87.00
For 6 $128.00

also Do you tip the chef at Benihana?

You should start with a standard 20% and add more if they have been particularly entertaining and/or the food was especially tasty. Also, you should consider tipping a bit more as the chefs usually have to share their tips with the waitstaff.

Is Benihana free on your birthday? The Benihana birthday coupon is a $30 certificate valid during your birthday month on any Monday through Thursday night. You are required to purchase one adult entrée to use the certificate. … The Benihana birthday deal is always on our Top 10 Free Birthday Meals list and can be used at over 70 Benihana locations.

What does the word Benihana mean?

Noun. benihana (plural benihanas) (skateboarding) An aerial trick where one hand grabs the tail of the board, and the back foot is released from the board.

How much do Benihana employees get paid?

Benihana Salaries

Job Title Salary
Server salaries – 34 salaries reported $9/hr
Hostess salaries – 32 salaries reported $11/hr
Server salaries – 20 salaries reported $7/hr
Host salaries – 13 salaries reported $12/hr

How much do Benihana chefs make an hour?

According to Indeed, as of February 2020, chefs at Benihana make an average of $16.67 per hour. This is less than what ZipRecruiter lists as the $38,948 average salary for a hibachi chef; however, it’s pretty common for Benihana chefs to get tips, so that could make up the difference.

How much is Benihana per person?

Benihana Menu Prices

Item Price
Steak and Chicken
5 course meals served with Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Dipping Sauces, Steamed Rice, and Japanese Hot Green Tea.
Filet Mignon $25.50
Teriyaki Chicken $18.75

Does Benihana have ID?

Benihana restaurants require the full first and last name as they appear on a valid ID in order to verify your identity when presenting your certificate. Even if you go by a nickname, the name on The Chef’s Table® account needs to match your ID.

Can you eat inside Benihana?


We are closely monitoring the release of stay-at-home orders and are thrilled to welcome you back to your Benihana restaurant as our dining rooms reopen. … Limiting the number of guests in the dining room per the guidelines. Screening employees for temperature and other health indications.

How much is Benihana worth?

Benihana is now located in 22 countries around the world and over 100 locations. Aoki got into powerboat racing until he got into a near fatal crash in 1979 under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rocky Aoki Net Worth.

Net Worth: $40 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor
Nationality: United States of America

What language is Benihana?

日本語 (Japanese)

Did the owner of Benihana go to jail?

Rocky Aoki, founder of the Benihana Japanese restaurant chain, was sentenced to three years of probation and fined $500,000 for illegally profiting from a 1993 tip that Spectrum Information Technologies Inc. was about to hire former Apple Computer Inc. chief John Sculley.

How much do Benihana bartenders make?

How much does a Bartender at Benihana make? The typical Benihana Bartender salary is $12 per hour. Bartender salaries at Benihana can range from $8 – $16 per hour.

How much does Benihana pay dishwashers?

Average Benihana Dishwasher hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.40, which is 20% above the national average.

How much does Benihana hostess get paid in California?

Average Benihana Host/Server hourly pay in California is approximately $12.20, which meets the national average.

How often do Benihana employees get paid?

4 answers. Every other week. We get paid every other week.

How long is Benihana dinner?

over a year ago. Figure 1 – 1/2 hour and enjoy. over a year ago.

What is it called when they cook in front of you?

In the U.S., the phrase “hibachi-style” is occasionally used to refer to what is really teppanyaki cooking. … By contrast, teppanyaki grilling involves using an iron griddle with a flat, solid surface to prepare food in restaurants in front of guests. Teppanyaki grills typically use a propane flame as a heat source.

Do they have Benihana in Japan?

Benihana introduced the teppanyaki (often erroneously referred to as hibachi) restaurant concept, which had originated in Japan in the late 1940s, to the United States, and later to other countries.


Type Private

Is Benihana Chinese or Japanese?

Named after his parents’ Tokyo coffee shop, Benihana opened in 1964, featuring an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior and food prepared on steel teppanyaki grills right in front of customers.

Who is Benihana son?

Or maybe DJ Steve Aoki, son of Benihana founder, Rocky Aoki. What you might not think of, however, is how much Benihana transformed America.

Is Samurai owned by Benihana?

(Japanese: 紅花, “Safflower”) is an American restaurant company founded by Hiroaki Aoki in New York City in 1964 and currently based in Aventura, Florida.


Type Private
Total equity US$144M (FY 2010)
Owner Angelo Gordon
Number of employees 5,000
Divisions Benihana, Samurai, Haru, RA Sushi

Why is it called Benihana?

Named after his parents’ Tokyo coffee shop, Benihana opened in 1964, featuring an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior and food prepared on steel teppanyaki grills right in front of customers. His highly trained teppanyaki chefs delighted customers with intricate knife work and theatrics.

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