How much is a take 12 at Tim Hortons?


How much is a take 12 at Tim Hortons? Tim Hortons Menu Prices in Canada

Menu Item Price (C$)
Take Twelve Small Coffees $15.99
Hot Beverages
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) Small $1.59
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) Medium $1.79

• Nov 25, 2019

also What is Tim Hortons take 12?

Tim`s TAKE 12 is a welcoming addition to any meeting, family gathering or get together. TAKE 12`s can be ordered on the spot and do not require pre-ordering. However, if you require more than one TAKE 12, we suggest you call one of our restaurants so we can prepare your order ALWAYS FRESH!

What should I order at Tim Hortons? The 11 Best Tim Hortons Menu Items

  1. Timbits. Step aside, Munchkins, you’ve met your match. …
  2. Mac and Cheese. PIN IT. …
  3. Grilled Cheese. Tim Hortons really knows how to make cheese and coffee. …
  4. Pulled Pork Sandwich. …
  5. Cookies. …
  6. Muffins. …
  7. Pretzel Bagels. …
  8. Chocolate Cheesecake Donut.

How much is a creamy chill at Tim Hortons?

Finally, the Chocolate Chill has a chocolate drizzle on top of it. According to the release from Tim Hortons, these new drinks are available on their summer menu as of May 15 and they cost $3.09. While they are here just in time for summer, they are only available for a limited time.

How much does a hash brown cost at Tim Hortons?

The new Tim Hortons hash brown is available from 5 a.m. to noon as part of a breakfast sandwich combo with a medium coffee for $4.85 or on its own for $1.29 at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada.

How many cups are in a Tim Hortons box?

Convenient, single-use container serves twelve cups. Tim’s Take Twelve includes 10oz. cups, stir sticks, cream, sugar and sugar substitute.

How big is a Tim Hortons take 12?

Our signature hot beverages served in our very own box, together with 12 (8oz.) cups, stir sticks, and sugar. Ideal for groups.

What is a Tim Hortons 8 Ball?

The Dave & Rachel Show: This guys says an 8 Ball (not for drugs!) at Tim Hortons is a real thing on their “secret menu”! It’s an iced cappuccino with whipped cream and a chocolate Timbit on top.

What is the most popular thing at Tim Hortons?

Most Popular Items at Tim Hortons

  • Iced Capp. #1.
  • English Muffin Sandwich. #2.
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino. #3.
  • Biscuit Sandwich. #4.
  • Iced Coffee. #5.
  • Grilled Breakfast Wrap. #6.
  • Hot Chocolate. #7.
  • Chocolate Chip Muffin. #8.

What is the best donut at Tim Hortons?

The 10 Best Tim Hortons Donuts, Ranked

  1. Honey Cruller. As one student described it, “Honey Cruller is hands down the best.” Coming in at number one, this donut is a clear winner amongst university students.
  2. Sour Cream Glazed. …
  3. Boston Cream. …
  4. Canadian Maple. …
  5. Chocolate Dip. …
  6. Vanilla Dip. …
  7. Apple Fritter. …
  8. Honey Dip. …

What is in a strawberry chill?

Creamy Chills (shakes) return in two flavor options: Strawberry and Vanilla. Strawberry features a combination of real cream and layers of strawberry flavouring, finished with a whipped topping and a sweet strawberry drizzle.

What’s in a Tim Hortons ice cap?

Tim Hortons Vanilla Iced Capp® is a rich and creamy iced coffee beverage made with real skim milk, cane sugar, and natural flavours. With a delicious vanilla flavour, it’s a perfect indulgence anytime.

What is in a chocolate chill from Tim Hortons?

The Tim Hortons website describes the Creamy Chocolate Chill as “a delicious combination of real cream and layers of chocolaty goodness.” It’s basically a chocolate milk slushie, though it’s not particularly creamy, nor does it have much of a milky flavour. …

Does Tim Hortons sell hashbrowns all day?

Tim Hortons is officially jumping on the all-day breakfast bandwagon. … Breakfast items formerly only available until noon, like breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, will now be on the menu all day.

How much is potato wedges at Tim Hortons?

TORONTO — Tim Hortons is introducing potato wedges as a new menu item at all of its locations. For $1.99, customers can order 16 potato wedges on their own or as a side-item to any lunch or dinner meal.

What is in a Tim Hortons farmers wrap?

A combination of bacon, seasoned egg omelet, and sliced cheddar cheese on your choice of either in English Muffin or Homestyle Biscuit.

How do you make a good Tim Hortons coffee at home?

What drinks do they have at Tim Hortons?

Hot Beverage

  • Original Blend Coffee.
  • Dark Roast Coffee.
  • Decaf Coffee.
  • Caramel Macchiato.
  • Cappuccino.
  • Flat White.
  • Gingerbread Latte.
  • Salted Caramel Latte.

How much is a large creamy chocolate chill at Tim Hortons?

Finally, the Chocolate Chill has a chocolate drizzle on top of it. According to the release from Tim Hortons, these new drinks are available on their summer menu as of May 15 and they cost $3.09.

How many Tim Hortons are there in the world?

In 2020, Toronto-based quick service restaurant chain Tim Hortons operated and franchised a total of 4,949 restaurants worldwide. The vast majority of these were located in its home nation of Canada – the second largest number of Tim Hortons restaurants were found in the United States.

Does Tim Hortons have a galaxy drink?

The galaxy drink is the most-liked video on the channel, clocking in at 201.6k likes, and it’s easy to see why — the psychedelic purple drink is so Insta-worthy it’s ridiculous. You can make it by combining a vanilla creamy chill, sprinkles, and doughnut glaze.

Does Tim Hortons have a secret menu?

The Tim Hortons secret menu is one of the biggest we have. … Because of this, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own Tim Hortons secret menu items. We have some of our own secret menu hacks below, as well as some other field-tested hacks.

Who did Tim Hortons daughter marry?

His son Ron Jr. married Tim Horton’s eldest daughter Jeri-Lyn. The couple are franchisees of two Tim Hortons locations in southern Ontario. On November 11, 2007, the Bombardier Global 5000 business jet in which Joyce was travelling crashed short of the runway at his Fox Harb’r Resort’s airport.

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