How much is a large smoothie at Dutch Bros?


How much is a large smoothie at Dutch Bros? Dutch Bros Prices 2021

Food Size Price
Double Torture Large $4.50
Extra Shot $0.50
Blended Smoothie Flavors: Wildberry, Peach, Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Apple, Mango, and Strawberry
Dutch Freeze 16 oz. $3.50

also How much does a smoothie cost at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu Prices

Smoothie Flavors: Wildberry, Peach, Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Apple, Mango, and Strawberry
Dutch Freeze 16 oz. $3.50
Dutch Freeze 24 oz. $4.50
Dutch Freeze 32 oz. $6.50

Is Dutch Bros cheaper than Starbucks? A Dutch Bros medium is 24 ounces, which is actually the same size as a Starbucks Venti, and costs less than a Starbucks Tall, which means that it is cheaper and larger.

What is Dutch Bros soft top?

A blended Cabana Rebel with Soft Top features Dutch Bros private label energy drink, coconut and pineapple syrups and a fluffy, sweet marshmallow-like topping. … An iced Watermelon Rebel with Soft Top features Dutch Bros private label energy drink, watermelon syrup and fluffy, sweet marshmallow-like topping.

Is there dairy in Dutch Bros smoothies?

Our drinks are great dairy-free! We can make them with any of our plant based milks, including oat, almond and coconut. If you’re vegan and your diet allows for cane sugar, most of our products will work for you.

Does Starbucks have smoothies?

There are three different flavors of smoothie available on the Starbucks menu; Orange Mango, Strawberry, and Chocolate. Keep in mind that all three smoothies come with one whole banana and two scoops of protein powder. … (In fact, Starbucks blenders only have two settings: Frappuccino and smoothies.)

What’s the best thing to get at Dutch Bros?

The 8 Best Drinks You Can Get At Dutch Bros. Coffee

  • Golden Eagle Breve. …
  • Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze. …
  • Shark Attack Blue Rebel Energy Drink. …
  • White Mocha Cold Brew. …
  • Palm Beach Lemonade. …
  • Tropical Tea. …
  • White Chocolate Dutch Frost. …
  • OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda.

Which is better Starbucks or Dutch brothers?

“The coffee is stronger and lasts longer from Starbucks,” junior Angela Agosto said. “However the prices and larger sizes at Dutch Bros are always more appealing.” While the drink prices at Dutch are more inexpensive, Starbucks offers a wider variety of food options.

Should I work at Starbucks or Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros Coffee is most highly rated for Culture and Starbucks is most highly rated for Culture . Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

Overall Rating
Job security and advancement
3.4 3.6
3.8 3.4

What flavoring does Dutch Bros use?

Especially if that drink is made with Torani syrups! Dutch Bros. Coffee uses Torani in their drinks, and they are perfect on hot days for kids and their grown-ups!

Is Dutch Bros soft top sweet?

Escape the ordinary with a Campout Cold Brew with Dutch Bros’ signature Soft Top, a creamy, sweet topping, and chocolate drizzle.

Does Dutch have Matcha?

Vanilla + matcha = so dreamy ☁️Try our NEW vanilla matcha latte! Now available at our three locations: … Matcha is available only at select locations.

How do I order dairy free at Dutch Bros?

The answer to this question is yes, Dutch Bros is vegan friendly. It is possible to order a coffee with a non-dairy option, including soy, oat, almond, and coconut milk. You can also get vegan-friendly flavoring in some cases.

Is there Caffeine in Dutch Bros smoothie?

5 Answers. Kyle G. Lemonade, Italian sodas, smoothies, frosts (milkshake), Hot chocolate, steamers, and we have decaf so any coffee drink can come with decaf. … hot chocolate does have caffeine.

Does Chick Fil A have smoothies?

Chick-fil-A Smoothies are less than 300 calories and you can add a cup of spinach or carrot to them! I don’t love veggies and I added spinach to my pineapple mango smoothie and couldn’t taste the difference. … Chick-fil-A also offers a delivery service as well.

Does Tim Hortons have smoothies?

The new mixed berry and strawberry banana smoothies are fat-free and contain no artificial flavours or colours. … A small smoothie has 130 calories (or 160 with yogurt added).

What is the best smoothie at Starbucks?

The Chocolate Smoothie is probably the most popular of Starbucks smoothies due to its rich taste and texture.

Does Dutch Bros have a secret menu?

With everything from lattes to milkshakes to blended energy drink-based beverages on offer, the secret menu at Dutch Bros is a stunning display of everything there is to love about the place. … Those seeking a drink that’s sweet, nutty, and balanced will love the White Coffee Cookie.

What is in a Dutch Bros kicker?

There’s nothing more classic than a Kicker®! A delightful breve with a blend of espresso, half and half and Irish cream syrup gives you the kick you need to have an awesome day!

Does Dutch have milkshakes?

Coffee location can agree that great customer service is something else that they’re serving up too. Delivering everything from cold brew and teas to Dutch-inspired versions of shakes and blended espressos, there’s literally something for everyone on the menu.

Who is the owner of Dutch Bros?

And that’s exactly what happened today with the coffee chain Dutch Bros making its public debut, making owner Travis Boersma a person of many commas. We reported last month that the Grants Pass, Oregon-based coffee company with nearly 500 locations across 11 states was going to go public some time in the near future.

Does Dutch Bros use espresso?

All Espresso Based Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee is rather unique in the fact that they don’t have a brewed coffee option. … We found it interesting that Dutch Bros uses a double shot of espresso in both 12 and 16 fluid ounce drinks, but then they double that in a 20 fluid ounce drink, which contains 2 double shots.

Will Dutch Bros go public?

Dutch Bros Coffee went public September 15, 2021, with co-founder and Executive Chairman Travis Boersma doing the bell-ringing honors at the New York Stock Exchange.

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