How much are 2 Whoppers at Burger King?


How much are 2 Whoppers at Burger King? Burger King Menu & Prices 2021

Food Price
Whopper – Meal $6.49
Double Whopper $5.29
Double Whopper – Meal $7.59
Triple Whopper – Meal

also What deals does Burger King have right now?


  • NEW USER – Free Whopper, Croissan’wich, or OCS w/ purchase of $3+ …
  • Free 3 Pc French Toast with any Purchase. …
  • WHOPPER WEDNESDAY – $2 Whopper or Impossible™ Whopper. …
  • WHOPPER WEDNESDAY – $2 Whopper or Impossible™ Whopper. …
  • $1 Large Onion Rings. …
  • $1 Large French Fries. …
  • BOGO Stacker King.

How much are whoppers on Whopper Wednesday? I recently received a phone call from a woman who came across a 2009 post on our website (back when we were a blog) in which I encouraged frugal folks like me to grab a Whopper for $1.79, on what the company calls “Whopper Wednesday,” which takes place every Wednesday in BK franchises around the world.

What’s better Whopper or Big Mac?

The Final Verdict

While Burger King’s Whopper was a little tastier, McDonald’s Big Mac took full sweep in being the better burger. It’s more aesthetically appealing, has more toppings, is healthier (relatively speaking), and is cheaper in price. Congrats, McDonald’s!

What is buy one get one for a dollar at Burger King?

For a limited time, buy one of the selected menu items and get a second item (of equal or lesser value) for just $1 at participating locations. You don’t have to buy the same item, so mix-and-match for your own personalized pairing.

What is the 5 for $4 at Burger King?

The revamped 5 For $4 promotion now includes one of four sandwich options served with a value fries, 16-oz drink, 4-piece chicken nuggets, and a chocolate chip cookie for 4 bucks. The deal previously only came with one sandwich option, the Bacon Cheeseburger.

What sandwiches are 2 for 5 at Burger King?

Mix and Match, grab 2 sandwiches for just $5! Offer includes a WHOPPER® Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Alaskan Fish Sandwich.

What day is Whopper day?

WHOPPER Wednesday is the greatest day of the week.

Is it Whopper Wednesday at Burger King?

just $1 this Wednesday because Wednesday’s are Whopper Wednesdays. available on the bk app and

How can I get a free Whopper?

All you need to do is go to the BK app (or visit BK online) and find the coupon under the “offers” section. Then, add the Ch’King Sandwich to your order and a Whopper will be included in your basket. Don’t wait to take advantage of this offer! Burger King is giving Whopper fans until June 20, 2021, to enjoy this deal.

What’s worse Burger King or Mcdonalds?

Which chain has more calories? In total, comparing all these options, there’s is a surprisingly tiny difference. Burger King came up with 3,560 calories – so just 116 calories overall more than McDonald’s total of 3,444.

What is a poor man’s Big Mac?

The Poor Man’s Big Mac

A standard McDouble comes with two beef patties sandwiching a slice of American cheese, re-hydrated dehydrated onions, ketchup, mustard, and pickles on a toasted regular bun. The beef patties and cheese are completely identical to those found in the Big Mac.

What fast food chain has the best hamburgers?

The 10 Best Fast Food Burgers, Ranked

  • The Whopper, Burger King. …
  • Cheeseburger, Five Guys. …
  • Double-Double, In-N-Out. …
  • Truffle Mushroom Swiss Black Bean Burger, Smashburger. …
  • Bacon ‘n Cheese Single Steakburger, Steak ‘n Shake. …
  • Cheese Slider, White Castle. …
  • Patty Melt, Whataburger. …
  • Dave’s Double, Wendy’s.

What is a Bacon King?

Bacon is kind of like hot sauce. … The former features folded egg, a sausage patty, two slices of bacon, a slice of American cheese, and a smear of the King’s new maple buttery sauce on a brioche bun.

What is the $3 deal at Burger King?

the 3 for $3 is easy as 1, 2, 3 for $3. get a Double Cheeseburger or Chicken Jr. BLT with fries and a Dr Pepper for just $3.

Does Burger King have any buy one get one specials?

Bargain hunters get treated like royalty at Burger King. The fast-food chain’s latest promo lets customers enjoy two menu items on the cheap. For a limited time, buy one of the selected menu items and get a second item for just $1 at participating locations. …

What is Burger King mix and match?

If you’re a bargain hunter, then you may not like the latest change to Burger King’s discount menu. … Under the old Mix ‘n Match, you could order any two items out of four on BK’s menu for $5: a Whopper, a chicken sandwich, a fish sandwich, or nine-piece chicken fries.

How can I get a free burger king?

The source shares that customers who purchase the new Ch’King Sandwich will receive a free Whopper. All you need to do is go to the BK app (or visit BK online) and find the coupon under the “offers” section.

How much are whoppers in Canada?

Burger King Menu Prices in Canada

Menu Item Price (C$)
Burgers Individual
Whopper $4.19
Double Whopper $5.29
Bacon & Cheese Whopper $5.19

• Nov 22, 2019

How do I order a Whopper on Wednesday?

Just fire up your BK app and check out the “offers” tab. That’s where you’ll find the Whopper Wednesday deal that’ll score you the sandwich of your midday lunch cravings for a couple of bucks.

Does Burger King still have 2 for 4 breakfast?

Burger King’s has a 2 for $4 Breakfast Mix ‘n Match deal, or double up on the meat for just another $1. For $4, pick 2 of any of the following: Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich. … Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

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